Read QR codes in Android Smartphones using 1QR App

There are many (to say the least) Google Play applications that are used to capture and read QR codes, a small square with a specific pattern inside that, when read with the right application it give a lot of information like contacts, links, dates, price and much more.

Today we bring an alternative to popular applications based on simplicity and speed: 1QR. This application has very simple interface and doesn’t consume too much system resources. So, if you are looking for something that doesn’t slow down your updated android phone then this is it.

Let's take an example for this: let you be at friend's house, and want to connect to his WiFi network, but it is protected by password. So you just have to read a QR code with the application that contains all the information needed to connect, and the application will connect to the network automatically. You don’t have to remember very long keys or data necessary for the connection.

This example can be used with other uses: contact cards, telephone, SMS, emails, events, geo ... there are so many possibilities, and this application focuses on what matters most: perform the action as quickly as possible without hindrance or brokers. Certainly something that will please those who want speed when performing this function.

Also this app can be used to download other apps from websites because these days QR codes have become so common that they are used as alternative links by websites owners. The QR codes are widespread, with only a few applications completely dominating this category. But this application presents a breath of fresh air, thanks to the speed which it adds to the act of reading these codes.

If you have used or installed this app in your smartphone then do share your experience in comments section below.

This Guest Post was written by: Greg Salter   

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This post is written by Stephen who is also author of various technology blogs. Recently he started to focus more on android technology and wrote articles on how to root galaxy nexus 7 and other tablets with simple steps.

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