Practical Fashion Tips: How to Dress for Unpredictable Weather

In theory, summer is upon us.  Unfortunately, it really doesn't feel like it.  Many parts of the country are still experiencing lots of wind, rain, and generally unpleasant weather, and it's not unheard of for conditions to go from "Time to sunbathe" to "I hope you brought an umbrella, and a boat!" in minutes.

If you want to avoid looking like a drowned rat, or spending your day feeling hot, sweaty and uncomfortable, then try these quick fashion tips that will help you stay prepared for any weather conditions.

The Secret is Layers

Whether you're taking a long flight which will see you leave a cold climate and arrive somewhere hot and balmy, or you just don't trust the weather forecasters, the secret to comfort is layers.
If you layer your garments, you can take some off when you're too warm, and put them back on when you're cold.  Silk shirts look stylish by themselves, and if you cover them with a blazer or a smart jacket, then they keep your skin cool and comfortable while your jacket keeps you warm.
You can use the layering effect on almost anything - silk glove liners look good by themselves, and can be worn under leather gloves when it's cold.

Accessories to Tame any Climate

If you know that the weather could change at any moment, then you should dress simply, and accessorize carefully.  A plain but attractive hat is a versatile accessory that will earn its keep in any conditions - when it's sunny, it will keep the sun's glare out of your eyes.  When it's wet, it will keep your hair dry, and when it's windy it will stop your hair getting messed up.
The same goes for other accessories.  Keep a scarf in your bag for use when the wind gets too cold, or use it as a tie or a shawl to cover your shoulders in the evenings.
If you love dresses, and don't want to put away your summer outfits just because the weather has been a little dull the last couple of days, then consider buying some leggings or thick tights to wear underneath them.  The leggings and skirt look is back in fashion these days, and if you've got the figure to pull it off, why not flaunt it!

What Not to Do

Remember that it's easier to warm up by adding layers than it is to cool down if all you've brought with you is thick, heavy sweaters and thermals.  If you're not sure what the weather will be like at your destination, pack silk shirts, t-shirts and loose comfortable clothing, and then some extra layers to put on top of that.  This will give you the flexibility to cope with most situations.

If you wear makeup, try to keep it simple, and don't go overboard on styling your hair if you expect heavy rain or high winds.  It's better to look neat and "polished" than have running mascara and messed up hair.

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