Sunglasses are a summer necessity and are rapidly becoming a year-round must for most fashion conscious individuals. Not only do they protect your eyes from UV exposure, the right pair of shades can emphasize your best features and lend some extra style to your look. There are so many varieties of sunglasses available that can be difficult to find the best pair for you. The ideal way to choose sunglasses is to base your choice on your face shape. Follow the suggestions below to learn which sunglasses styles are best for you.

  • Round face – If your face is round, try to find sunglasses that will elongate your ace and give it a thinner appearance. The best choices are slightly angular and have lenses that are wider than they are tall. Never buy round lenses, since they will emphasize the fullness of your face and make you look pudgy. In addition, if you have a problem with your lenses pushing on your cheeks when you smile, find a pair with adjustable nose pads so you can make them sit higher.
  • Heart shaped face – If your face is wide near your eyes and forehead, but narrow at the chin, you have a heart shaped face. Your ideal sunglasses will balance the shape of your face by offsetting your narrow chin and disguising your wider eye area. Look for styles with square bottoms or those that are rimless for the most flattering look.
  • Square face – If your face is square, you have a broad forehead, wide chin and cheeks, and strong jawline. Women with square faces look best in glasses that make good use of curves or that have some sort of uplift that draws attention upward from the jawline. Avoid sunglasses with flat bottoms, since they will make your face look even wider.
  • Oval face – The oval shaped face is highly balanced. As such, women with oval faces can wear almost any style of sunglasses and look great. If you are one of these lucky women, take advantage of your options by trying out spectator or wraparound shades. You can also express your individuality by choosing oversized square or rounded frames. Be careful, though. If you are one of the women who have small features, choose frames that are proportional so you don’t overwhelm your entire face.
  • Oblong face – If you have an oblong face, you need to find a pair of sunglasses that will make your face appear wider and that will minimize the length. Look for shades that are a bit wider than the widest part of your face. Also look for frames that feature detailing on the hinges or arms. This will draw attention toward your eyes and will also create strong horizontal lines that will make your face appear shorter.

Although the sheer variety of available sunglasses can seem overwhelming, it can be easy to pick a pair that will make you look stunning by simply determining your face shape. Use this handy guide to pick the sunglasses that will make you look your best.

 This Guest Post was written by: Neltje Maynez