Many countries are using various old techniques and therapies to heal or to be cured in various diseases. There is a long list of countries especially Asian countries e.g. India, Indonesia, China, Japan, Sikkim, Nepal, Philippines and other western countries which are using ayurvadic/ herbal/ natural therapies and meditation. In older Indian culture, our ancestors and high religious priests of Hinduism who are called Hrishimunis, they were using meditation to control whole mind, body and soul. They described to the meditation as the best exercise of mind control. And yes it is true. In Indian culture our religious priests are giving first preference to meditation and yoga as exercises. Today many doctors are giving much good advice to use meditation.

Many people wake up early in the morning everyday and do meditation, yoga and some easy exercises. They are doing this thing in daily routine to be fit mentally and physically. And yes they are. They stay away easily from stress, work pressures, tensions and they can also control their mind, body and soul easily using mediation.

It is true that the meditation helps to increase our confidence level and attention level. We all have to meditate few hours in the early morning to control our mind and body. Here are given some easy tips for beginners to do meditation.

  1. Read some religious or spiritual magazines, books or web blogs. Learn many things about the gesture and posture of meditation, easy tips of meditation and benefits of meditation.
  2. You can learn this thing online using online videos from the spiritual websites. Many spiritual websites are provided many useful information and tips about mediation for beginners or everyone.  You can also buy compact disks from the stores.
  3. You can join various clubs and spiritual centers to learn perfect and proper way of meditation. Go to a meditation retreat and improve your techniques. Find your mediators friends and keep practice with them.
  4. First keep your aim in your own mind. Increase your curiosity about meditation and make a schedule to do as a daily task in the early morning. You must have enough patience and discipline. 
  5. Don’t eat any high calorie food. Eat light food and drink enough water. Keep practice of deep breathing few minutes. Before you go to meditate.
  6. You can use flowers, essence stick, candle flame, soft music or chanting mantra for the better meditation. These things are making your place sacred and better for meditation.
  7. Choose the right, clean, decent and calm place for the meditation. Sit in proper gesture on the floor. Clear your mind and try to stop thinking. Read a paragraph of any religious book in your mind.
  8. Close your eyes and leave alone your mind. Allow yourself to flow freely. Don’t think about anything or anyone. Keep continue deep breathing. Stay away from the worries. You will attain your inner peace.
  9. You can also think about life of your god and goddess or great religious saints and priests. It will help to clean bad thoughts, worries from your mind. Keep your mind focused for long periods of time.
  10. Practice daily. Try to do in the early morning. When you are beginners, you must meditate at least half an hour or one hour after that you can increase the time of meditation.

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This Guest Post was written by: James Smith

About the Author:
James Smith is a freelance writer. He likes to write about health and fitness. He also enjoys discovering new places to explore for the satisfaction and pleasure of those who love traveling as much as she does.