Buying a baby bottle is no rocket science, but with all the different brands and models available in the market today, finding the right set for your baby can be quite confusing most of the time. Sometimes, moms would just wish that there’s one brand of feeding bottle that would work for all babies, but that is simply not the case. To help you simplify the process of choosing and buying the perfect set of feeding bottles for your baby, here are a few guidelines for you:

‘No Vacuum’ Design

Most brands of baby feeding bottles today come with the ‘no vacuum design’ like the ones made by Dr. Brown. These bottles were created mainly to prevent the baby from swallowing air during feeding and acquire painful gas. This also reduces colic, burping, and spit ups. If you want a feeding bottle that can provide your little one with the satisfaction he needs, looking for a brand that comes with an anti-vacuum valve.

Easy to Clean and Store

A good brand of baby feeding bottle is one that’s easy to clean. The bottle should have wide mouth that’s also easy to fill. With such a design, you won’t need to buy a special brush to clean those hard-to-reach parts, and just use a regular bottle scrubber. The bottle must also have no grooves inside that may possibly trap residue that may eventually cause bacterial growth.

Safe and Sturdy Nipples

One of the best brands of baby bottles today when it comes to safe and sturdy nipples is Avent. The company has designed nipples made of silicone that are not only durable, but are also very safe for babies. Unlike latex, silicone does not break down, crumble, or crack easily, which means there is no need for you to worry that it might break during cleaning time. Silicone nipples are also very sturdy and don’t collapse or fold during feeding.

Convenient to Use Bottle System

The bottle system should be convenient to use. Again, this is where Avent bottlesshine. Unlike most brands of baby feeding bottles, Avent feeding bottle sets come with an interchangeable system, which means you can interchange bottles and nipples. This eliminates the need for you to find matching caps or nipples in case you lose some parts.

Finally, you have to understand that there is not a single brand of feeding bottle that works for all babies. This means you cannot rest assured that your baby would love Dr. Browns, Chicco, or even Avent bottles. The key here then is to start with a few bottles first and see whether your baby will like them or not. If your baby likes what you got him, then you can proceed to getting him a complete set.

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