How To Save Big On Your Travel Trip to France

France is a fascinating place to visit and explore, but unless you have a friend who can offer you free lounging then you are bound to spend big time on your escapade. Below is a list of a few things you may wish to consider.

Use Voucher or Coupon Codes

You can save 30 to 50% on your travel expenses if you will use voucher or coupon codes with your flight, accommodation, car hire, or even tour package choices. The most popular choice is Expedia. You will be surprised with the discounts they are offering. Choose from a list of hotels, travel packages, car hire services, and flight costs offered at a very reasonable price.

Consider other Places aside from Paris

Forget about Paris; unless you wish to just take a stroll at the city. It is not wise to find accommodating in the City of Lights because it ranks #57 in terms of cost of living, which means the prices in this area is higher in comparison to other places. You may consider the southern area of France or areas like Bordeaux, Montpellier, Chartres, and Nice. You will find these places a hidden beauty without going bankrupt.

Cheap Transportation

If you are traveling with friends, then it is cheaper to find a car hire service. It is more economical and more convenient. You are at liberty to travel from the places you wish to explore without worrying about the taxi cab rate or the scheduled arrival of the bus. You will find many of these at the airport, but it is best to make online reservations to guarantee a car key upon your arrival at the airport.


Do not purchase rail passes unless you intend to travel long distances because it will be a waste of money. Instead, consider traveling on ride a bus especially if you are travelling on your own, which is a less expensive way of indulging in your France adventure.

Those who still wish to see Paris during their stay in France can enter through Orly Airport. It is 9 miles away from Paris and is considered the secondary international gateway in the region. You can easily find a flight from easy Jet, Transavia, Jet4You or Vueling Airlines transporting you to this airport.

Finding Accommodations

There are four ways to save on your accommodation in France. You may either go camping or enjoy socializing with the locales, but hopefully you have practiced your French well enough to start a communication with them. It will be a treat for you because you will be staying in the midst of nature and enjoy its beauty.

Stuffing your Stomach

It is quite tempting to taste the delicious cuisines of France, but you should control yourself. It is wise to eat a hearty lunch or dinner; then choose to eat small snacks in between. In this manner, you will have a taste of authentic French meals yet manage to stick with your budget. Deprive yourself from accommodations with breakfast because even if it sounds like a good deal, you will realize you will enjoy a better meal minus the price just outside your chosen accommodation.

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Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer for, your virtual guide to the best destinations and transportation needs in France.

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