To encourage buyers to leave positive feedback on eBay, there are a number of things that sellers can do. A two-way dialog between buyer and seller clears up misunderstandings that may arise, and it also helps avoid negative feedback. Here are some other ways you can build a positive feedback rating on the auction site.
1.    Good communication: It helps to clear up small problems before they become big ones. For instance, if shipping to another country will take weeks, but the customer isn’t aware of it, their delivery time frame will be a lot different from yours. When they’re inevitably disappointed, the customer will feel a bit as if they’ve been duped, or that you offer poor service. Tell customers up-front about delivery schedules, and offer as much additional information on your products and your refund policy as you can.
2.    Respond promptly to customer emails: If your email response times are slow, your customers might make the assumption that you’re not going to deliver what you’re promising. Good communication via email goes a long way in reassuring your customers, and it’s one of the hallmarks of good customer service.
3.    Encourage customers to ask questions. In every auction listing, include a call for customers to email you with questions about the product. If a customer bought an eBook and expects instant delivery (but the product arrives in the mail), they’ll likely be angry and disappointed. Head off problems like those by making it easy for customers to find out more about your packing and shipping methods (for instance, do you use jiffy bags, or do you take more time and use sturdy cardboard boxes?
4.    Come out and ask for positive feedback. It may sound obvious, but it works: Just tell buyers that you’ll give them positive feedback if they give it to you first. Since they go first, they won’t be as willing to leave a negative rating, and if you offer feedback first, many customers never return the favor.
5.    Rescind negative feedback: As we said above, good communication practices are often enough to avoid negative feedback. However, no matter how good your customer service is, you can’t please everyone- and you will eventually receive a negative rating. There are some things you can do to combat it; in limited circumstances, it can be reversed by eBay. There is a mutual feedback withdrawal option, where buyer and seller agree to withdraw the negative review. It won’t disappear from your profile, but it won’t count against your score, either- and you’ll have the opportunity to leave comments and tell your side of the story.
We can’t really say enough about the importance of good communication when selling on eBay. Answering your customers’ questions and emails in a timely fashion, being clear on refund and return policies, and withdrawing negative ratings when necessary can make eBay a better place for buyers and sellers alike.

This Guest Post was written by : Wayne Barker

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Wayne Barker writes for  UKPackaging - specialists in jiffy bags, cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.