How to Find Your Perfect Sofa

You'd think that choosing a sofa would be simple - after all, you're just picking up something to sit on; finding something comfortable and attractive shouldn't demand a lot of research.  However, if you've tried going shopping for sofas in Nottingham, or any other big city, you've probably noticed the bewildering array of choices available in stores. You don't just have to pick out a colour; these days you also need to know the shape, size, and style you want - and there are customisation options too!  Buying a sofa is almost like buying a car.

Show Rooms are Bigger Than You Think

The first thing you need to consider is the size of your room.  If you want a sofa to replace an existing one that's looking a bit tattered, then you should measure the one you're replacing, and take those measurements with you.

Whatever you do, don't just try to guess whether or not the sofa you're looking at will fit.  The fake living rooms they set up in showrooms are far bigger than they first seem, and what looks like a cute accent to one of those showrooms will be a dominating presence in your average-sized living room.  It might seem paranoid, but you should measure everything.

Keep it Simple

You can get sofas in a lot of different shapes.  Curved or rounded shapes are nice for big living rooms or game rooms, but if you're shopping for a sofa to put next to a coffee table then you should probably buy either a simple square sofa, or a one with an L-shape that will allow one of the occupants to stretch out and lounge.

If you're on a tight budget, opting for a simple sofa without any recline/fold out functions is a good idea.  You can always buy extra chairs at a later date if you find that you need more seating space in your home.

Sofa Beds

If you entertain quite frequently, then you might want to invest in a sofa bed.  Be aware, however, that these are often far less comfortable than normal sofas.  Sofa bed designs have come a long way in the last few years, and some of them actually make pretty comfortable beds, but because of the way they have to fold and unfold, the cushions aren't usually as big as the ones you'd find on a normal sofa, which makes them less cosy for their primary role.  Don't be shy about sitting on the sofa to test it out and make sure that it's comfortable before you buy it.

The Boring Stuff

One final thing to think about is cleaning. Leather sofas are easy to wipe down, but aren't ideal if you have pets that are likely to scratch at or damage the sofa.  If you aren't opting for a leather sofa, consider getting a microfiber sofa or a cotton one with removable cushions.  Wool sofas are harder to clean, but generally quite durable.  Modern "super" fabrics are easy to look after, but can start to show wear and tear quite quickly.

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