You’ve said yes to the dress – now don’t forget to pick out the perfect pair of wedding shoes! Though your wedding dress is the most important part of your bridal outfit, your bridal shoes are important, too. You’ll be wearing them all day long, from ceremony to reception, so they have to be comfortable. And don’t believe the common misconception that no one will see your shoes – they will be seen, so you have to make sure they’re just as gorgeous as your dress. They complete the outfit: You need to make sure your wedding shoes coordinate with not only your dress but your jewelry and veil. 

Finding beautiful wedding shoes that are comfy too sounds like a tall order, but it’s possible to find the perfect pair with a little extra time and consideration:

Don’t procrastinate! Avoid waiting until the last minute to buy bridal shoes. Not only will that leave you stressed (and likely to settle on a less-than-perfect pair) but you also need your shoes for your dress fittings. Your wedding dress’ hem will be tailored for your exact heel height – get your shoes in time for your first fitting.

Go online: Shopping for white wedding shoes or blue bridal shoes in a traditional store can be extremely frustrating – they just don’t have the selection! Instead, go online to a website that specializes in wedding shoes, like or There you’ll find a wide selection of white wedding shoes, ivory wedding shoes, and colored wedding shoes.

You don’t need to spend a lot: Despite what the bridal magazines and wedding blogs insinuate, you don’t need to spend big bucks for the perfect bridal shoe. has thousands (thousands!) of affordable wedding shoes in stock and they’re all under $100!

Wear them before you wedding: Above all, you need to be comfortable on your wedding day – one way to do that is to break your shoes in before the big day. It’s normal for new shoes to be a little stiff, a little uncomfortable, and they take some getting used to. Don’t use your wedding day as testing grounds for your new shoes. Wear them while you walk around your house, wear them while you fold laundry, just wear them! They’ll stretch a little and form to your foot, so come your wedding day, they’ll be a perfect fit. And testing them out first will give you a chance to see if you need additional padding, like gel pads or shoe cushions.

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