Whether you’re just starting out, or are a seasoned home owner, here are some essential tools that you need to have around your home:

Cordless Drill

It goes without saying that everyone needs a drill for driving screws and drilling holes from anything to putting up shelving to picture hooks. When purchasing a drill it’s best to look for a 14-volt or 18-volt variable speed reversing cordless drill. Preferably one with a rechargeable lithium battery, these will hold their charge for longer than the usual NiCad batteries. A keyless chuck makes it simpler to change drill bits.


A screwdriver have many uses, primarily for rotating screws but can also be used to pry things apart and makes a handy chisel.  A screwdriver set that includes three or four sizes and flat head screwdrivers will give you the most options for a variety of jobs. Magnetic tips also come in handy.

Tape Measure

A Tape Measure is an essential tool everybody needs in the home, measuring windows for blinds and curtains, measuring for a carpet or to calculate the space for furniture and appliances in a room. A 25-foot locking metal tape measure is best suited for most measuring purposes around the home, if you are on your own, a heavy duty tape measure will allow you to measure long distances unsupported.

Utility Knife

Utility knifes can slice through everything, wire, carpet, cardboard, wall paper and duct tape. The best kind of utility knife to suit a variety of different uses would be one of a standard size with a locking blade that easily retracts. Always make sure you have some extra blades as your utility knife should be sharp at all times.


Most cutting jobs around the home can be completed by having two saws. A good handsaw is very useful for those into D.I.Y and can be used for timber and plastics. You should also invest in a high quality hacksaw for cutting metals such as pipes

Spirit Level

A Spirit level is an essential tool for making sure that whatever you are installing or constructing is straight and/or level. It’s one of the easiest tools to use and can be used for both vertical and horizontal jobs, from walls to posts to shelving. When buying a spirit level a three foot long one is your best bet, a smooth metal level will double as a straight edge.

Claw Hammer 

A Claw Hammer is used for driving nails and prying things apart with the claw. The most important factor in choosing a claw hammer is the weight, make sure that you have a comfortable solid grip on the handle and the weight is balanced. A 16-ounce claw hammer is best, lighter hammers are available but are less efficient at driving nails.


Pliers loosen and tighten hardware and are used to grip onto most surfaces in and out of the home. Locking pliers are the most versatile kind of pliers, for small or large items, Needle-nose pliers are useful for working with wire and performing delicate tasks.


Having a good set of spanners and/or a socket set in the house will help with many tasks, from tightening a leaky tap to assembling a set of shelves. Their uses are almost endless in and around the home.
As with anything in life, buy the best you can afford as if properly looked after, they will last you a lifetime. 
This Guest Post was written by: Wayne Barker

About the Author:
This post was written by Wayne Barker- who writes on behalf of Tool Orders.