Home Improvement Tips: Natural Light In Your Home

Natural light not only does wonders for the soul and enhances your mood, but it can transform a dreary and dull room into a bright and cheery one.  So, if you don't think your home is getting enough, then consider ways to lighten it up a bit.

Let the light flood in

Discover which are the light sappers in your home.  What stands in the way of light getting through your windows?  If you have heavy curtains that are closed more then opened, then get into the habit of pushing them as far back as possible every day. Use tie backs, or change the curtains for lighter colours and fabrics which reflect the light.  Blinds and nets can also shield the outside from coming in, so open the blinds, or opt for reflective ones, and banish light-robbing nets.

Even items on your windowsills, such as knickknacks and lofty plants, can stand in the way of light coming in, so free up valuable window space for a brighter, lighter room.

Let the windows shine

Windows harbouring grime and dust won't do much to lighten the load or lift your spirits. So, if you want them to sparkle and soak up all available light, then keep them shiny and clean - on the inside and out.  Don't forget to also regularly dust down your blinds and wash your curtains, to ensure they're looking at their tip-top best.

Replace or install new windows

If your budget allows, replace any dated windows for modern UPVC windows, which are easy to maintain and will instantly give your home a face-lift. Stick to clear glass rather than frosted versions for allowing the best flow of light.  If you only have small windows, then consider up-sizing to larger ones, if possible, or adding UPVC windows to areas, such as the side of the house, which might not have any.  Adding French doors is also another option, which will boost incoming light and air levels into your home.

Skylights are also worth considering, and come in a range of types and sizes, suitable for all manner of rooms, roofs and budgets. So, if light is at a premium in your home, then investigate your options with one of these.


If changing or upgrading to UPVC windows isn't feasible, then turn to your decor and interior for some guidance.  It's a well-known fact that light walls reflect light and dark walls soak it up, so consider painting your walls a lighter shade, if they are too dark and drab.  Add large mirrors on the walls opposite a window, allowing it to reflect light coming in from the outside.


Work with your rooms and get to know how natural light affects them.  South-facing rooms attract more sunlight, so spend your daytime in these rooms to optimise your energy levels, and evenings in the north-facing ones, as you wind down.  Keep naturally dark rooms well-lit with lighting that is bright but not too harsh, and consider adding dimmers so your body clock works with light levels that are as natural as possible.

The Guest Post was written by: Wayne Barker

About the Author:
Wayne Barker writes for Stormclad experts in double glazing and upvc windows.

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