Once winter rears its ugly head, you need to make sure you are well-prepared. And not just with clothing, you need to optimise your home to keep costs low and the house warm. By not winter-proofing your home, you risk damage, expensive electricity bills and of course, will be living in a cold and uninviting environment, here is how to get your home ready for winter; 

Check the doors and windows

Check the doors and windows for signs of damage, cracked glass, ill-fitting windows and doors, where draughts could get through the cracks. Seal off any cracks or get the windows and doors re-fitted. UPVC repairs are essential in winter to prepare your home for winter. UPVC helps to retain heat inside the house and keeping the elements out, preventing dampness in your home.

Check the exterior of the house

Crevice cracks and exposed entry points around pipes will need to be sealed off to prevent cold air from entering your home. 

Weather-proof your roof

Any worn or loose roof tiles should be replaced; check the flashing to make sure water can’t enter the home. Make sure the guttering is clean and secure. 

Check the plumbing

Insulate any plumbing pipes that are exposed, drain all your garden hoses and make sure you know where your water main is in case you need to stop the supply in case of an emergency such as flooding. 


If you do not have a programmable thermostat, get one. Radiators, if they are hot water radiators, be sure to bleed them by opening the valves and as soon as water appears close them. Have a boiler inspection to make sure everything is safe and in perfect working order. 

Seal Off Your Chimney

If you have an open fireplace and chimney, don’t forget to seal off the chimney from soot and will stop animals like birds and rats from entering your home, this will maintain warmth in the home and prevent any un-wanted draughts.

Check the foundation of your home

If you have ever had infestations of pests, make sure there are no hidden entry points of cracks either in the walls or window sills of the house, this prevents tiny animals such as mice from burrowing their way in. Even the smallest cracks in the foundation should be sealed and keep away any plants or vegetation away from the foundation of the home to take away the temptation for animals to try and get in, this also prevents any dampness or cold from entering your home.

Fix that shower

If you’ve had to contend with the water dribbling out of your shower or it being ice cold due to your leaky, cracked shower or your water tank being broken, now is the time to sort it out. Shower repairs preserves water and prevents you using more than you need so is good for the environment, will cut your water bills and of course it means you get to have a nice warm shower again!

About the Author:
Wayne Barker writes for Hometech Ltd – specialists in upvc repairs and shower repairs .