Five Luxurious Tips for Home Improvements

Whether you're planning on selling your home and looking to push up the price, or you're just looking to update your home for your own comfort, you don't have to break the bank to turn your house into a mini-mansion.  Here are five home improvement suggestions that will make your home feel more luxurious without draining your wallet.

1. Spa Bathrooms

A relaxing bath after a hard day at work can soothe your stresses away.  Make your bathroom a little more luxurious, with granite countertops and a bathtub with jets, and you'll feel like a millionaire. The bathroom is one of the least expensive rooms to update, so you can enjoy a celebrity lifestyle without cutting too deeply into your savings account.

Sauna showers are coming down in price too, and they are a great option for homeowners with smaller bathrooms.  These innovative appliances do double duty as a traditional shower, and a (admittedly rather compact), relaxing sauna.  Be sure to read the safety warnings before trying a sauna, though, and don't spend too long in one on your first try!

2. Hardwood floors

Hardwood floors are a great green home improvement.  They can last for many years, especially if you take the time to refinish them every couple of years, and they're easy to repair too.  If you have allergies, then hardwood floors can be a great choice for your living room.

3. Luxurious Carpet

Luxurious, deep-pile carpets can be a brilliant choice for your bedroom.  They're cosy, comfortable, and feel great underfoot.  If you're arranging a new carpet fitting, be sure to measure carefully.  You may want to let professional carpet fitters do the job if your living room is an odd size or shape.  Gaps near the skirting board, or carpets that bunch or wrinkle, are anything but luxurious!

4. Marble Countertops

Get rid of those wooden counters and replace them with luxurious marble.  Until recently, custom cut marble countertops were incredibly expensive, but today you can find marble counters in Ikea and other chain stores, and they're getting more affordable.
Marble counters are heat resistant, easy to clean, and far more resilient than their basic wooden counterparts.

5. Luxurious Lighting

How can you show off the awesome counters and the great job that your carpet fitters did if you have just one dull light in the middle of the room?  Investing in quality lighting will make the rest of your home look amazing.   Consider getting a chandelier fitted in the middle of the room, some recessed lighting on the walls of bigger rooms, and functional/spot lighting in the kitchen.

Lighting is one of the easiest things to update, and it can make a massive difference.
If you can't afford to buy new counters or bring in an electrician to fit new light sockets, don't get too depressed.  You can still update your home on a budget.  Even small actions, such as de-cluttering your living room, or changing your curtains to lighter and brighter ones for the summer months can make all the world of difference.

This Guest Post was written by: Wayne Barker

About the Author:
Wayne Barker writes for StewartGroom Flooring experts in carpetfitting.

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