Finding the Best and Perfect Men’s Designer Shoes

When it comes to buying men's designer shoes of good quality, Italian made shoes are basically the best and popular type of shoes across the world. They have the best craftsmanship, style and quality. You will realize that the conventional methods of shoe making and tanning are still being used in Italy, implying that the finest materials are picked for both inner and upper lining. In most cases, the designer shoes may even be hand sewn. These exemplary qualities often prompt a higher price tag but shoemakers in Italy are developing sleek shoes at a lower price.

Italian shoe designers fall among the top footwear designers around the world. They design high standard men's designer shoes with the best fit, style and comfort. If you always emphasize on the very best, Italian is the only way to go.

Choosing men's designer shoes of high quality can be easier when you know what to look for such as correct shoe size, personal tastes, grade of leather and the available styles from designers. Full grain leather usually adapts original grain texture and markings of the animal skin that the leather was made from. Leather is considered a full grain if full and natural grain texture is present. They always consider the best quality in making men's designer shoes. You should thoroughly inspect the leather if it smells good, soft to touch and looks natural. Full grain leather is more costly and rare because it is made from a perfect mark free hide.

However, less costly leather is also available. The natural grain of the leather is sanded away while the surface is embossed with grain. It has a plastic like texture and stiff look as well as a thick coating to completely cover the imperfections. Although the leather is considered a top grain type, it is often confused by many customers due to its name. The quality of the leather is a sharp contrast to what the name suggests. The leather is not genuine because the original grains are sanded away during manufacture. Therefore, the grains are just imitations put on the leather. Top grain leather is the weakest type of leather. Although top grain leather is graded lower, it can fit well and are relatively cheaper.

Type of stitching is also a major factor when determining the right quality of men's designer shoes. Hand sewn leather is always considered as the best stitching method. Hand sewn leather is the most durable and strongest leather in terms of quality for
men's designer shoes. This confirms that the Italian shoemakers are the best. Italian designer shoes are always characterized with tonal stitching, accent stitching as well as other unique stitching styles. This perfectly complements high quality designer shoes.

Ensure your designer shoes remain in a perfect condition as long as possible. This can be done by cleaning the shoes every time you wear it especially after walking through mud or grass. Tissues can be stuffed on the shoes to maintain their shape when they are not worn regularly.

This Guest Post was written by: Mark Barry

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