Easy Airport Tips When Visiting St. Exupery

St. Exupery Airport is probably one of the busiest airports in France. It is in close proximity to Lyons and was previously known as Lyon Satolas Airport. It is the ideal airport location for anyone who wishes to travel to various ski resorts in France like Meribel, Val Thorens, and Courchevel. Nevertheless, here are a few tips that will keep your travel experience smoother and more convenient. Remember these and you are guaranteed a safe and memorable stay in St. Exupery, France.

  1. If you are travelling with pets then it is best to contact the airline company for you to be informed of the necessary procedures that has to be followed. You have the option to send your pet through airfreight, but it will still require veterinary and phytosanitary inspection services for additional health security of the passengers.

  1. Everyone is required to pass through the mobile detector for security purposes. It is highly recommended that passengers avoid wearing steel reinforced shoes and other jewelries for easier access. You may also remove all metal objects inside your pocket like keys, mobile phone, and coins; but never forget to pick these items up after the security check is over.

  1. Pack the little items inside your hand baggage neatly and accordingly. It is important to bring the prescription of your liquid medicines and medication for its needed documentation. Follow the allowed measurement for plastic bags and keep your small items like gels and creams inside these.

  1. Be ready to present the following documents for speedier processing of your flight tickets:
    1. valid identity papers
    2. unexpired passport particularly for passengers coming or going to China, Egypt, Brazil, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Japan, Vietnam, and Thailand.
    3. VISA for selected passengers
    4. Vaccination card for health security

  1. Arrive at the airport terminal two hours in advance for the clearance of your baggage and your documents. This will give you enough time to lounge at the airport while waiting for your flight rather than standing in panic because your flight has been called and you are still in line for inspection.

It helps if you will learn a few basic French phrases before going to St. Exupery airport. You may notice that most of the instructions are in French, nevertheless the friendly airport attendees will cater to your needs. Feel free to approach them and they will be more than happy to assist you with your concern.

This Guest Post was written By: Shaiya Ong

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