Designing a High Tech Kitchen

High tech interiors are becoming increasingly popular with interior designers and homeowners alike.  The high-tech design direction is understandably attractive, with plenty of straight lines, clean surfaces, and futuristic shapes to attract attention and direct the eye.  
High tech interior design is especially appealing in the kitchen, as it complements the technology that already dominates the room, and focuses on minimising clutter - something that's especially important in a room used extensively.

High Tech Devices for Modern Living

If you're remodelling your kitchen, you may as well invest in some new high-tech appliances at the same time.  Not only are modern devices easy to use and energy efficient, some appliances, such as modern induction hobs are stylish when they aren't in use - adding to the design of the room, rather than looking out of place.
The same goes for functional, but less glamorous appliances such as the insinkerator.  You're not likely to boast about how your insinkerator keeps your kitchen litter and odour free, but you'll be glad you have one - and since it's both stylish and discrete, you don't have to worry about it ruining the look of your room.

Smart Appliances

Perhaps the ultimate in high-tech interior design, though, is the advent of smart, connected appliances.  Samsung have made a range of appliances that have built-in wireless enabled tablets with touch screens.  These allow people to surf the web, watch TV, and leave messages for each other.
The Samsung wireless fridge has a built-in app that lets you track the inventory in the fridge.  This app has a notification feature that will alert you when food passes its use-by date.  Compared to the alternative which I use, sniffing milk and trying to remember whether eggs spin or wobble when they've gone off, this sounds like a brilliant idea.

High Tech On A Budget

Of course, wireless-enabled fridges aren't exactly cheap.  If you're on a tight budget then you may not be able to afford to upgrade all of your appliances.  You can still achieve the high-tech look without spending a lot of money on gadgets, gizmos, and tech that you'll rarely use after the novelty has worn off.

The core principles of high-tech design are easy to follow.  If you're re-modelling your kitchen on a budget, try to focus on putting together a clean, clutter free, and spacious design.  If you're keeping your old appliances and worried about whether or not they will match the decor, then consider concealing those appliances behind cabinet doors.  Carefully route power cables so that they are concealed too.

The less clutter you have in your kitchen, the better.  If you have a fairly cramped kitchen then you can make it look bigger (and add to the futuristic look), by using mirrored cabinet doors to create the illusion of more space.  Tidy induction hobs and sleek appliances can be in plain view, while you hide small appliances away under the sink when they aren't in use.

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When not deciding on the best way to fit out a kitchen on a budget Wayne Barker writes for The Kitchen Appliance Centre – specialists in the insinkerator  and induction hobs.

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