A loft conversion can be a beautiful addition to your home; it can be used as a spare room for a guest, an office or even a bedroom. You have undertaken the difficult task of de-cluttering your loft, put up with the dust, the noise and the time spent on doing so. Now your loft is all ready to be turned into another room but where do you begin?

Use Of The Space

Is your loft conversion going to be used as an office? If so you may want to go to an office supplier who can give you tips and advice of how to maximise your conversion and get the most out of the space available and can advise on what he/she thinks you will need to make the loft a safe, bright, well-ventilated and productive environment to work in. If the loft conversion is going to be used as a bedroom and/or guest room, you obviously need to make sure that it is easy to get up to the loft and that the ladder/steps are secure. 

There needs to be an adequate amount of light and air in the loft and you should select your furniture carefully so that you get the best possible use out of your loft conversion and it is a comfortable environment for someone to sleep in.


One of the most important things of a loft conversion is the furniture; you may have ideas of what you want already but the most important factor when deciding the furniture is space. Is it a large loft conversion or a small one? Make sure you measure the space exactly before deciding on the furniture, there’s nothing like paying out all that money then discovering you can’t get the furniture up there! The function of the conversion is also important, what will it be used for? You should aim to make the most of the space available so for example, with storage try and plump for things that are bigger in depth than in width. 

Beds with built in storage underneath can be ideal for freeing up space, shelving and buying furniture that has multiple uses such as a dressing table that could be used as a desk which will also provide extra storage without compromising the space.


Lofts can be very dark places so getting the right amount of light is paramount. Try to build in the maximum amount of roof windows possible. There are two main kinds; Velux style that follow the slope of the roof and the Dormer style that stands above the roof. Your local authority will have guidelines on how many of each you can use. Enlist the help of a conversion company, these can easily be found by searching Google. Look by area, if you live in the Midlands, you should type in a search phrase such as loft conversions birmingham or loft conversions staffordshire (just substitute your county or to localise the search) this should help you to find a reputable company to get the most light out of your loft conversion. 

Dark shades will make the loft appear smaller, light colours or bright wallpaper on the walls, colourful accessories like rugs, cushions scattered around the room as well as pictures can all help to brighten up the space. Mirrors are also great for giving the illusion of space and can make your loft appear a lot larger.

This Guest Post was written by: Wayne Barker

About the Author:

Wayne Barker writes for Buckley Loft Conversions – who specialise in loft conversions in Birmingham and Staffordshire.