Cours Saleya Flower Market: Not Your Ordinary Market Place

If there is one thing that I love, then it has to be good. There is no evidence in my physique that will easily reveal that it is my indulgence, but my friends know that an offer of food is enough to cheer me up during gloomy weather. Therefore, I am thrilled about the possible adventure I will experience at the Cours Saleya Flower Market, because not only is it known to offer fresh beautiful flowers from Nice, but it is also a place where you can enjoy the tastiest foods in Nice.

The Journey

The tour begins early in the morning at 6 a.m. You will catch nothing in the market if you will get up late and visit the marketplace after 9 a.m. Since you will only be visiting the place once, why not make the most of your experience. I had all of the small bills and plenty of change in my purse for the grand purchase I intend to make, before we hit Nice Airportand go back home.

The Souvenir Shops

It was a nice idea to make this as our last stop for the escapade because it holds the best places where you can buy souvenir items, which sells gourmet items, Provencal soaps, truffles, and other household items.

The Market Place

It was far from what I have expected. I saw a bouquet of flowers, spices, fruits, vegetables, and a variety of colors. People were busy picking items on sale. It’s hard to take your pick because all of it looks very appealing. I know I can’t carry kilos of fruits. I can only munch a few along the road, but seeing the vendors and the buyers was enough to thrill me.

The Infrastructures

I never thought a tour at the marketplace could be this tiring. I had my share of local market escapade. It was worth it. I had bags of items that will delight my friends upon my return. I know they will be happy to receive some goodies from France. I hope I could bring them along with me, but the expense is quite heavy on the pocket. I took the time to relax while I gaze at the different infrastructures like the La Chapelle De La Miseracorde and the opera house located at Rue Saint-Francois de Paule. Nevertheless, I was hungry and was looking for a treat to feed me.

The Restaurants

I could smell the divine dishes cooked by the fabulous French chefs of Nice. Gladly, I have enough money to indulge in their cuisines. I was very thrifty for the past days that I managed to save enough for this one-day food indulgence. My French friend recommended I try the ravioli daub and did so. I almost forgot my name after taking a taste of it. It was far more than he has described it to me.

I had a very fulfilling meal. I have all my souvenirs for my friends. I am ready to leave. I wonder when I will go back and enjoy the beauty of this place. I believe I need to save once again, but I have other places in France I look forward in visiting as well.

This Guest Post was written by: Shaiya Ong

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