Cosmetic Surgery verses Natural Remedies

Every day both men and women express the need to maintain a youthful look. Some people heavily invest both their time and money in makeup, creams, skin care and hair care regimes, as well as weight loss regimes. Others choose to invest their money rather than their time and opt for cosmetic surgeries on the areas of their bodies they think need a makeover. Some choose to do both. It is however important to weigh your options and consider the pros and cons of both alternatives before settling on either one of them or choosing to have a combination of the two.

Cosmetic surgery comes with its benefits to the patient

Correcting what you thought was wrong with your body gives you more confidence. If it was the flabby belly that kept you from wearing a two piece costume when going swimming, you are now able to confidently go out swimming with your friends and still remain comfortable in your own skin. This new found confidence spills over to other sectors of your life. Feeling confident about how you look gives you an added advantage when tackling your daily problems. Cosmetic surgery gives you this option with results visible immediately when you heal.



Cosmetic surgeries compared to other remedies are time saving for the patients. Healing time however depends on the patient’s body and its ability to recover.
There is however a number of risks involved with cosmetic surgeries as with any type of surgery. A patient may be prone to bacterial infections after a cosmetic surgery and complications can arise. Care is however taken to prevent such occurrences by ensuring the cleanliness of the facility and its equipments. Cosmetic surgeries have also proven to be expensive endeavours affordable to a small portion of the society, which is perhaps why so many celebrities have cosmetic surgery.

Natural remedies

On the other hand, there are alternatives such as supplements and other herbal regimes to maintain one’s natural beauty and appearance. Most of the natural remedies use ingredients that are used on a day to day basis around the house or are available in the local grocery and or convenient store. Such items include eggs, avocado, tea tree oil, castor oils, apples among others. Use of herbs and spices such as cayenne, ginger, lemon and various types of tea help to check one’s weight by stimulating digestion while increasing the body’s metabolic rates.
Natural remedies however take time to show any results while some of their ingredients may be difficult to find.

Lotions and potions

There is a billion dollar industry for skin care, with lotions and potions that offer brighter, line free skin. Many of us buy into these products and may even notice a change in our skin tone but such creams cannot change our appearance, merely make it look and feel a bit better. Overall it is down to the individual as to which route they go down.

 This Guest Post was written by: Catherine Howarth

About the Author:
Cathy is a freelance writer and writes about cosmetic surgery, beauty, health and dental stories. She enjoys finding vegan skincare and making jewellery.

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