Now that summer is here, you probably cannot wait to lay out by the pool or even by the shore. You have your swim suit from last year, but you really want to get a new one. Since you haven’t been to the mall for a while, you do not know what the stores are showing, but you know you always have a hard time choosing a swim suit when you do go. You want to look perfect in the swim suit that you choose, so there are some things to consider. Here’s the inside scoop.
The first thing you should think about when you are getting a swim suit is what you want your swim suit to look like. There are many kinds out there from the basic one piece to the monokini and the bikini. Many people decide what kind of swim suit they want based on how much skin they want to show. A bikini is obviously more appropriate for a younger woman that it is for a middle aged or elderly woman. You will also want to take into consideration the shape of your body. It is helpful to know where your weight is distributed. 
Before you go to get a swim suit you will want to be sure that you shaved everywhere the swim suit will high light. Be sure that you wear underwear when you try your swim suit as well. If you have darker skin, you may want to choose a brighter or a lighter color to complement it. If you’re rather pale, you will want to choose a swim suit in a darker color, like black or a jewel tone, like emerald or sapphire blue. If you want to draw attention to your bust area, you may want to wear a swim suit with ruffles on the top. 
If you want to hide larger hips, you could always wear a swimsuit that’s a solid color. Feel free to mix and match your swim suit parts. There are many stores where you can go to look for swim suits, so if you do not find something in the first store you go to, do not give up. Go to another store and see what you can find. If you’re having trouble choosing a swim suit, ask someone who works in the store to help you out. They’d probably be glad to do so.
Summer is here in full swing and it’s time for you to head out by the pool to tan or maybe you have been planning a vacation to the beach so you need a new swim suit. There are many hot swim suits out there that will flatter your shape and that you will feel confident wearing. If you are in the market for a new swim suit, think about what you want ahead of time and then go to the store to see what you can find. You’re sure to find one that you love!
This guest post was written by: Neltje Maynez