I had a very busy year; there were product launches, sprints, deadlines; and many of them. I love what I do; but still there was so much pressure and stress in work that one point I desperately wanted a long break; I wanted a vacation to a faraway place; where I can forget all about work and just relax.

So finally decided to take a break; and after bit of contemplation and deliberation finalized on a vacation to Alaska. All I wanted was to run away from the hustle bustle of city, and from work; what can be a better choice than Alaska? I am from Seattle and as I started talking to people, figured out that most of them have taken a trip to Alaska. I heard their experiences; and was really looking forward to it.

 Then finally the day arrived. I was there after a six hour flight. I can't believe how nice it was out there. It was a different world, altogether. The ice was going to be at least a week late. The mornings were still pretty chilly; but the flower started blooming. Small bodies of water including lakes and ponds were completely frozen (I walked on a few of them and took some nice pictures) and even a some of the bigger lakes had a small glaciers floating. I started with plenty of surface activities on water. We went canoeing and then jet skiing. It was pristine; and as if we had all the stunning visuals just to ourselves.  The still deep blue water; chilly wind and bright sunshine; blooming flowers in the coastline; it was heavenly.

On the second day went for fishing. Our guide Erick tells me these fish are loaded with sticklebacks. We took a service named Bob’s Cabin & Guide Service and it was pretty awesome. They had lodges by the Kenai River with stunning views of glaciers. They were featured on CNN & MSN and totally lived up to the expectation. Anyway, our fishing trip was quite memorable one. I brought a fly rod and also bought a ultra-light. It was almost the first weekend to fish in most lakes in the area as the ice has started to melt. 

So this awesome trip finally came to an end and it was kind of sad. On the last day of our trip there was a rainbow over the frozen lake behind one of the glaciers. I want to come back to this place again.

About the Author:
Smith Geroge is a freelance writer who enjoys the challenges of creativity. Not content writing strictly in the non-fiction arena, I am also researching on best travel services.