4 Most Helpful Packing Tips

Packing for a much anticipated vacation destination may be causing you an increase in anxiety and apprehension, as the fear of forgetting looms ever larger in the recesses of your mind.  Memories of forgotten favorites; from your favorite pair of sunglasses, to the perfectly fitting swimsuit rear their ugly head, reminding you that invariably you’re prone to misplacing your most favorite possessions as you embark on your sunny fun filled vacation getaway. Or worse, you’ve heard one too many horror stories of vacation miss-adventures. Airport nightmares, lost passports, the list of things that might go wrong can terrify the fun right out of your long awaited play date. Here are four helpful tips should help to keep the fun in your vacation.
  1. Make a list! Weeks before you are required to begin packing your bags and boarding a plan, or tossing your suitcases in the trunk and hitting the open road. Start a list of things you know you’re going to want to have with you, from clothes to personal toiletries. As things come to mind, jot them down on an ever-growing list. A great place to keep a list of this nature might be stuck to the refrigerator, which for many people tends to be the hub the household. You’ll find in the ensuing weeks, you will have successfully compiled a comprehensive list of things you’ll want to take with you. This is a great starting point.
  2. As you prepare to pack, consider your primary means of travel and plan accordingly.
    • If you will be flying, be sure to research current security provisions being enforced by your selected airline. Be aware the TSA has implemented a strict policy for all carry on baggage containing gels or liquids. Any and all gels or liquids must be in individual containers not to exceed 3.4 ounces, placed inside one clear, quart-size, plastic zip-top bag. Doing this will assist in avoiding unwanted stress during boarding.

    • If you will be driving, it is a good idea to have your vehicle serviced prior to departure. You’ll be assured a much smoother drive if you have a certified mechanic check all vitals on your vehicle, whether you're driving a car, truck, RV or motorcycle; have brakes, fluids, light bulbs, battery and even tire pressure checked. It is also wise to have emergency kits, such as jumper cables, spare tires & car jack on hand and in working condition as well.

  3. Have all necessary identification and documentation required for reaching your destination. Depending on the country you plan to visit you may need a passport or visa. Apply for your travel documents several months prior to your departure date to avoid delays. Also be sure to make copies of necessary documentation and leave with a trusted relative or friend in the event you lose your wallet or purse, or your baggage is lost.
  4. Plan your vacation! It will surely keep the fun in your trip if you’ve already made hotel arrangements. Reservations made in advance will guarantee you a room, with or without a view.
Vacations are your chance to relax and hopefully these tips will ensure that you are in fact able to enjoy your long awaited escape. 

About the Author:
Kirk Bachelder runs a wholesale company and frequently travels. He has found these tips to be extremely helpful; whether traveling for business or pleasure.

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