If you have always been a bit exercise-shy, the idea of running to keep fit probably isn’t very appealing. But here are 10 reasons why you should get your trainers on and get running;

1. Healthy heart

Running is great for your heart and circulation. People who run are at lesser risk of heart attacks, high blood pressure and have a lesser chance of stroke.

2. Weight control

If you want to shed some unwanted pounds, running is the way to go. You will burn on average 1,000 calories during a training session, so not only will you be a faster runner, you’ll be fitter, healthier and you’ll be slimmer too.

3. Endorphins

Exercise is well-documented for releasing endorphins otherwise known as ‘the feel good hormone’. People suffering from anxiety and depression can benefit from running due to the feeling of happiness that exercise brings, it is proven that people who run are often happier, more focused, less stressed and even have warmer and sunnier personalities.  

4. Gives you strong, healthy bones

Osteoporosis can affect us once we reach a certain age, running can help to ward off osteoporosis, by keeping the muscles active, this promotes strong bones and so the bones will not weaken as quickly or as easily. 

5. Helps you get a good night sleep

Everybody needs a good night sleep to function at their best and  If like many people you struggle to get to sleep or stay asleep, running is very beneficial for insomnia. People who run on a regular basis often sleep better and wake up in the morning well-rested. 

6. Boosts Your Immune System

Some people turn to vitamins to give their immune system a much needed boost but a good natural way of boosting your immune system is running. It can make you less likely to catch every cough, cold and bug that is flying around, particularly in the winter months. Runners are generally healthier than those who don’t run. 

7. Gives You A Sense Of Achievement

Doing a fun-run for charity is not only for a good cause it is good for everyone as it promotes a sense of achievement which is very good for self-esteem and confidence. A fun-run is very social and allows you to meet lots of other people with similar interests and allows you to run together as part of a team.

8. Glowing Skin

If you have a dull complexion or skin conditions such as acne, running can help to naturally clear your skin and leave it looking radiant and glowing. The added circulation to your face while running gets rid of all the toxins and impurities in your skin and encourages transportation of nutrients around the body leading to healthier, clearer looking skin.

9. Get The Brain Cells Going

Regular running can make your brain perform better. The added blood circulation to the brain supplies it with more oxygen and vital nutrients, making you perform tasks better, have a better memory and are able to function better. 

10. Relieves Stress

If you are easily irritated or a very ‘stressy’ person, running can have a calming influence on you. It can improve your ability to handle stressful situations on a daily basis and help you to cope with problems more effectively.  

This Guest Post was written by: Wayne Barker

About the Author:

Wayne Barker writes for The Poppy Run – organisers of fun runs and charity 5K runs.