Blood pressure is generated by blood’s pumping the force from the heart and pushing it against the artery walls. Monitoring the blood pressure on a frequent basis is important because if blood pressure goes high then that could be detrimental to body.

But monitoring the blood pressure is not an easy task. Expertise and proper tools and techniques are essentially needed for that. A huge number people across the world are affected by high blood pressure, high cholesterol and cardiac problem. If not treated in time, then these problems could result in severe consequences. So, proper methodologies for monitoring blood pressure must be applied so that all the risks could be kept at bay.

The world has become too competitive and to keep pace with that, most people are living a fast forward life. Hypertension is one among many demerits, associated with this kind of lifestyle. Due to hypertension, blood pressure could increase. Keeping oneself cool and calm in adverse situations is needed to keep the blood pressure under control. But even then, checking it once in a while has no alternative.

Normal blood pressure is 120/80 mm, whereas high blood pressure is measured at 140-159/90-99 mm. An even higher blood pressure is 160/100. The problem is high blood pressure has least number of symptoms. That’s why, it’s often called silent killer. Doctors however, succeeded in identifying some physical symptoms of high blood pressure. These symptoms are;

  • Headache.
  • Dizziness.
  • Nausea.
  • Shortness of breath.
  • Chest pain.
  • Blurred vision

Upon finding any of these health conditions, blood pressure must be checked. An important thing is selecting a blood pressure monitor. There are various types of monitors out there to check blood pressure. Analog monitors fall into the most common type. They have been in use for last couple of decades and many people still use those thermometers. The pressure cuffs in these thermometers need to be fixed manually by the person, who is handling it. The stethoscope is also a vital part of the analog monitor and that also requires manual fixing.

As technology has evolved, automatic wrist blood pressure monitor, electronic blood pressure monitor and digital blood pressure monitor had paved their way in. These monitors are easy to use and deliver better result than conventional analog monitors.

Some of the first-rated branded monitors, which function with efficiency and accuracy are Arterial Elasticity & BP Monitor, Dr. Gene AccuSure Fully Automatic Blood Pressure Monitor (TD), Stomach Muscle Belt, Nebulizer and BP monitor for upper arm and wrist.

The arterial elasticity monitor is a Digital LCD instrument and measures pulse rate and stiffness other than blood pressure. The measuring method it follows is known as scillometric and it has a storing capability of 3*12 measurement.

Dr. Gene AccuSure automatic monitor is highly accurate in measuring blood pressure and consists of features like memory to support 100 entries with date and time, automated inflation, a warranty period for one year and 1HB detection capacity. Total of four users can use it.

These branded blood pressure monitors are quite sought after and using them is definitely a wise decision to make for checking blood pressure regularly.

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