Montpellier: Academic Abode of the Next Generation

If there is one place in France flooded with youth, then it must be Montpellier. You will easily notice upon arrival at Montpellier Airporta crowd of students arriving hoping to fair well with their studies at University of Toulouse. Thousands of students enroll in this academe each year and they become the temporary residents of this place. You are free to roam around its premises and discover why it is preferred by many students all over France and all over the world as their place of study and discovery.

Efficient Tram System

Montpellier has one of the most efficient tram systems in France. Although traveling by foot or on ride a bicycle is more popular, most tourists would find it enjoyable to have a quick glimpse of the city on rid these trams. It is also the fastest and most economical route if you wish to go to the beach, which is about 11 km away from the city.

These trams are well maintained by management and are easily distinguished by its colorful patterns: Line 1 characterized by blue with white swallows and Line 2 characterized by flowered pattern. Expect these trams to arrive every after three to five minutes for you to have a quick look of the city.

Popular Dishes

Since most of the residents of the place are students, you will find a plethora of restaurants, cafes, bistros, and bars that offer fun, entertainment, and fine dining to everyone. You may grab a meal of baguette and cup a coffee in the morning as a fresh start. Seafood lovers will be happy to learn of many restaurants offering seafood cuisines due to its proximity to the beach. You should try the shellfish, mussels, and oyster recipes prepared by these restaurants because these are guaranteed to keep your taste buds a treat they will never forget.

The Old City

For the majority of the region, visitors will find it impossible not to go and explore the old city. It allows you to trace the charming history of the region. You may go to the Esplanade and see the memoirs of the war. You may notice that it is now surrounded with greeneries and parkland, but it still carries evidence of the period when it served as the city fortress. It is best to travel it by foot, so you can easily explore the narrow streets of the city. You may even wish to take images together with the locals. Hopefully, you have prepared a few French phrases in your pocket to make a short conversation with them.

If you are planning to have a tour of France, then consider visiting Montpellier. It contains several fascinating edifices worthy to be explored. Both young and old explorers will definitely fall in love with the place. Take your time to indulge in its midst and appreciate the French culture of this wonderful city.

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