Men and Women Have Different Perceptions of Fashion

Men and Women Have Different Perceptions of Fashion

It is a well know fact that men and women have different perceptions and outlook towards Fashion. As John Gray puts it, women come from Venus and Men come from Mars - I doubt anyone will contradict this claim seeing that women are associated, primarily, with beauty and men, primarily, with strength. There are countless websites featuring a range of women’s clothes and accessories while one could count the number of eCommerce websites catering to men.

This is a paradox given that men and women are arguably interested in their appearance - so even if the roads they take might be different, the destination is always the same. In other words, even though fashion and beauty does not have the same meaning to both sexes, the desire to ‘look good’ drives the need to go for fashion and beauty products.

For Women

For women, the day begins in the bathroom. The importance of this is highlighted by the amount of time spent inside the bathroom in stark contrast to a majority of men who spend less than 10 minutes inside the bathroom - except, perhaps the Swedish men (Apologies to all the Swedish male readers if you find it offensive - but this is coming from my experiences in living in Stockholm). Looking good is a not just about fashion anymore. It has become a daily chore - hair, face, body, hand and feet, the whole body -even the areas that are not accessible to male eyes (normally) - everything has to look and feel perfect. For that, body-cream, manicure and make-up are always at the helm of the priority list. 

Stage 2: Once women are done in the bathroom, they dive into their huge wardrobe - which I hear is always too small for women. One might ask, why is this moment pivotal? Choices, Choices and more choices - how do we pick out that perfect dress? Let’s assume we do - we find the dress (surprise, surprise!). Men would think women will stop here but in reality, after finding their outfit, ladies have to find the perfect accessory and shoes to go with their dress. All of these could take ages (in man-time - years!), especially if they have to dress for a special occasion.

For Men

For men, it appears that looking good does not take as much time as women do. The bathroom is just a place to clean up, have a quick shave perhaps. Arguably, this does not take 1 hour (men, correct me if I am mistaken). I always found this fascinating so I asked a few men how they managed to consistently spend the same amount of time in the bathroom - and I’ve only gotten candid responses. 

Stage 2:Finding the perfect outfit - men follow trends but in contrast to women, men do not drone on it. If they want to wear a pair of jeans, they do - if they want to wear trousers they do. It seems as simple. I doubt if they spend a LOT of time in buying a T-shirt  online even! They seem to be content with 1 pair of shoes for every type - casual, trainers, joggers, formal, sport etc.

Perhaps women acknowledge that it is harder to attract men’s attention when there is so much beauty going around within other women - they have to take it to the next level to grab attention is harder. Men on the other hand seem to be more confident in who they are or cannot be bothered by it all.

One thing is definite - Fashion means different things to men and women but one thing is sure; women need men just as much as men need women. 

This Guest Post was written by: Maud Coiret

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