How to Match Your Middle-Heeled Short Boots?

To ideally match trousers with your boots, you can easily abandon a heavy look even in a chilly climate. It must be joyful to finally change into light-footed spring apparel and some fashionable middle-heeled short boots. Believe it or not, it is not difficult to make some stylish transformations on your look with a pair of ankle boots with middle heels. Below, you will be taught about how to match them and then highlight your slim figure!


Tip 1: Round-Head Lace-Up Short Boots

Martin boots had ever stirred up a big tide in the fashion world once being released two years ago. And its tide has not faded till now. While matching a pair of boots like this, leggings, casual short trousers or denim shorts, ball gowns and pleated skirts are recommended. In this case, a sweet & stylish look can be completed easily. Aside from those, if you are fascinated about a decent & pretty clothing style, you can also try skinny trousers and straight jeans.


Tip 2: Japanese-Styled Rabbit Hair Zippered Short Boots

These Japanese-styled short boots with a zipper at the side seem rather cute. They are loved by most young girls anytime. Rabbit hair on the surface looks incredibly harmonious with the bowknot. With these delicate accessories, the glossy surface impresses us by a much cuter look instantly. When it comes to choosing your trousers, casual pants are suggested. Personalized colors on pants are loved by lots of fashion-conscious people.


Tip 3: Retro Cowhide Short Boots

Retro fashion sense gets wonderfully accented on this pair of cowhide middle-heeled short boots. Seeming more retro and casual than formal leather boots yet more elegant than snow boots, they will look great with both long and short clothes. Then, black skinny pants are recommended. In this case, your slender body shape will be highlighted ideally.

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