Happiness Without A Prescription

Cheaper Than A Shrink launched their kickass website last month showcasing really cool and unique items that you probably never knew existed, but always hoped did, or would someday. This is the place where you will see a product and think "hey, I thought of that 5 years ago" or "I never knew how bad I needed a beer can ammo pack in my life until I saw one". One of the best aspects of the site is that it has a super clean design and is very easy to navigate... Men do not like complicated things in our life, complications are for suckers and people with too much time on their hands.

Cheaper Than A Shrink says: "We scour the internet looking for gadgets & other products we think are unique, hilarious, and/or a great gift idea". Awesome, because I have better things to do than worry and sweat over finding a cool gift for the people in my life, and since this site packs all the things anybody could want into one convenient and cool place, I know I will always find a unique find that will be loved instead of never used like most gifts we give.

New products are being added on a daily basis so you know they are always bringing you the hottest new items out there. The type of products you will discover range from Nerd Candy, Eco Friendly, Household Items, and cool stuff for the kids. At Cheaper Than A Shrink you can find "happiness without a prescription", without even having to brush your teeth or put on pants! Jackpot...

Check out some of my favorite products they offer:
Cool stuff for men include these must haves if you are man: Beer Can Ammo Pack and Zombie Survival Kit.
I don't know about you but there is nothing I would prefer to do more than hang out in my yard, in a lawn chair, drinking beer that is conveniently located and chilling on my chest, sharpening my tools from my Zombie Survival Kit, while neighbors freak out and tell little Billy and Suzy to come inside and stay away from the strange man... They sure won't be bothering me for sugar or to buy girl scout cookies again... 

For the women in your life unique and fresh items like these exist: Vogue Magazine Mirror and Harry Potter Blanket
How much does your girl, daughter, sister, mother, mistress, etc. love to look at themselves in the mirror? A-lot that's how much! Even if only to complain about how fat, bloated, and broken out she is... Really ladies, it is exhausting. So whether they are checking themselves out because they feel hot, or not, the point is a mirror is a girl's best friend. So what better way to boost her confidence and get her to shut the hell up about her pants being to snug than by giving her a mirror that always tells her, "hey beautiful, you are a top model" at least she can pretend to be, for a minute, when she look into this mirror. 

Let's be real, Harry Potter was like the first Twilight and all women, geeky or not, even in their forties, love them some magic, hence (Magic Mike)... But most importantly women are always cold and forcing us to walk around the house in our boxers, sweating, because she has to have the heat on when it is 75 degrees outside... Instead of throwing her out of the second story window or yelling at her to put on a freaking sweater, buy her this so that you can dress and perspire like a normal person inside your home. You're welcome!

I know what you are thinking, what about for myself? Check this out: Superman Pet Costume and matching Superman Snuggie With Sleeves

Why should she have all the fun? Crank the AC to arctic and get your Superhero on. Now you can all look like jackasses at home in the comfort and warmth of your personalized snuggie. Be sure to include Killer, your bad ass poodle in the fun because what better way to torture your dog for all the accidents they made as a puppy, than making them dress up in an outfit they definitely don't need. You know because they have fur! This is clearly for your sole entertainment and really what else matters?  It is hilarious and the laughs you will all get while you look at yourselves in her Vogue mirror will really be priceless. No pets will be harmed while being super puppy so back off Peta!

I think I got my point across, and to be clear, no I do not condone violence against women, animals, or anyone else that does not deserve it... Now go check them out and buy some cool stuff !

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