Summer is here and it is time once again to load up the kids and take a family vacation. If you are like many, you dread the idea of spending so much money on a single trip. It is a fact that regardless of the length or destination of your vacation, everything costs money and expenses add up quickly. If you want to have a great family vacation without going broke, consider following these easy tips to cut expenses painlessly:

Save on gas

Never, ever buy gas on the interstate. Gas stations along the interstate system are always much more expensive than those located a little further off the beaten path. They can charge more because they know travelers have to have gas and other supplies and will pay the price in order to get things conveniently. Don’t fall for the trap. Instead, travel a few miles away and see how much you can save.

Pack a cooler

Before you hit the road, make a trip to your favorite supermarket and stock up on snacks and drinks for the road. Most of the places you will pass on the way to your destination will have extremely high prices on such items because they know the demand is high. Fill your cooler with ice, drinks, sliced meat, cheese, and other snacks and fill a bag with bread, chips, cookies, jerky, and snack cakes. Then, when the family gets hungry, you can find a nice rest stop with a picnic table and enjoy a great lunch very cheaply.

Eat the continental breakfast

Nearly every motel offers a continental breakfast. This free morning meal usually includes a minimum of cereal, bagels, and donuts, and may include even more. Take advantage of this complimentary meal to save a few dollars every day. If nothing else, this will allow you more money for your other meals.

Find and use coupons

Whenever you stop at a rest area or other tourist magnet, look through all of the pamphlets and brochures. Many of these include coupons good for attractions, restaurants, and gift shops. Using these coupons does not make you cheap, it makes you smart. After all, if you save a couple of dollars a person every day, you are saving a great deal of money over the course of your vacation.

Save souvenir shopping for the last day

Everybody who has ever gone on vacation has, at some time, bought things they neither need or want. To avoid this problem, refuse to buy any souvenirs until the last day, when you are packing to go home. For one thing, you will limit yourself so you won’t have to pack a great deal more. For another, you will have spent most of your vacation money and will be more budget minded. Every time you see something you really want during your vacation, make a note of it. You can then buy it on the last day if you still want it. If not, you just saved some more money.

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