Biggest Health and Fitness Issue

Many major issues and problems are occurring about technology, political, social, health and fitness, green effects, pollutions, crises etc around us. We are suffering many problems and issues in our daily routines. But the problems and issues about of our health and fitenss are the major issues of our society. Why is it the major issue of our society? Here is the best answer of this question. Many people are using drugs in their daily life because They are suffering from lots of work pressure, personal problems, stress, tensions, relaxation, panic attacks etc. They are using drugs as a medicine to control their mind and body for few times. But there are some other people around us who are using drugs as a habit. Generally drugs are harmful, dangerous and unhealthy for our body and life too. Many cities and states had banned on lots of drugs however drugs are sold in thier cities easily. These drugs generally are taken by smoked, snorted, chewed, swallowed, injected.

Meaning Drug Abuse and Drug Abusers

The meaning of Drug abuse is a misuse of legal or illegal substance. Drugs are taken for a non therapeutic effect  or some time drugs are taken for a non medical reasons by user. Today we can see lots of young people, male and female are  using drugs for mind altering effects. The big groups of youngsters and teenagers are using drugs who are belonging to the middle class and high profile families. Some times many child labour and beggars are also taking cheap but dangerous drugs. Now a day drug abuse by young people is very common in our society.

List of Drugs

Here are given the list of drug Alcohol, Anabolic Steroids, Barbiturates, Club drugs, Cocaine, Crack Cocaine, Ecstasy, Fentanyl, Heroin, Inhalants, ketamine, LSD,Marijuana, MDMA, Methamphetamine, Methaqualone, Opium, Psilocybin Mushrooms,  PCP-Phencyclidine,  Tobacco Nicotine etc. These are banned in various countries and states but sometimes it can be found from the drugist of chamist. Anybody can use it with the legal permission and proscription of your trusted doctors in proper dose.

The Signs of Drug Abuse

Here are given various common signs to detect the person if he/she is addicted to the drugs.
Mood swings, Depression, Poor motor coordination, Change in sleep patterns, irregular heartbeat, Poor hygiene and illness, Impaired thinking, hyperactivity or overtired, insomnia, anxiety, paranoia, memory loss, muscle tension, teeth clenching, increased heart rate, daily coughs and phlegm, hypothermia, brain damage and death.
There are various medical test to detect and diagnose the person if he/ she is taking drugs. You can use these drug test from the trusted health center or medical center Urine drug test, Blood drug test, Hair drug test, Saliva drug test etc. you can use various herbal and natural therapies like acupuncture therapy.

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