Cheap Fashion for Summer

You woke up this morning and you were trying to get dressed when you realized that you have nothing in your closet that you actually like. For some reason, everything you own all looks the same and you are just tired of it. You've decided that since you have a little bit of extra money from your paycheck, you would head out to the mall to pick up a few new things that you actually liked so it felt like you had some clothes to wear. You now want to know where you can go to pick up cute, trendy clothing and fill your closet without draining the bank. Finding cute clothes doesn't have to cost you a fortune if you know where to go.

The first place you could go if you are a fashion lover and a bargain lover is Forever 21. Forever 21has some of the cutest and trendiest clothes and they're all reasonably priced. You will see that you can get basic camisoles for about $3 a piece and fancier shirts for around $10. Cardigans go for about $13  and you can also get cute shorts for about $13 as well. Forever 21 also has cute and reasonably priced jewelry. Sometimes you can pick up an adorable necklace or earrings for only $1.50! Purses and shoes are also sold at Forever 21. Deb is another store much like Forever 21 with similar clothes and similar prices. If you are someone who likes brand name clothes from stores like Hollister, Abercrombie and Fitch or even American Eagle Outfitters but you do not want to spend the money those stores want for their clothes, you could head out to a store like TJ Maxx or Marshalls. These stores get designer overstock clothes and sell them for a fraction of the cost. 

You can also find accessories in these stores as well. You will even find designer items, such as shoes and purses by Coach or even Juicy Couture for low prices as well.  Another great store that you could check out if you want to save some major money is Burlington Coat Factory. This store also gets a lot of brand name clothing in and sells it for way less than you would pay somewhere else. You will be able to get cute clothes and be able to brag about how much you saved.

You can save a lot of money and fill your closet with some cute clothes by going to any of the stores mentioned above. While you are there, you could also check out the sale or clearance racks for some additional savings. If you should happen to wake up one morning and look in your closet only to find that you have nothing to wear, do not despair. There are many stores out there where you can find something to wear for a low price. What's not to love about some cute new clothes and money in your wallet to boot?

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