A Guide to Strasbourg Year Long Festivals

Anyone who wishes to visit Strasbourg should be aware of the many festivals that it hosts. You could plan your schedule to fit this festivities and enjoy the major attractions of the place for a very exciting and fruitful stay in its midst.

The Wacken Exhibition Center
This is the place to go to if you wish to see most of the festivals and event sponsored by numerous organizations. It is impossible to get lost because it is well connected from the Strasbourg Airport. You can grab a taxi ride and tell them you wish to go to Wacken Exhibition Center. You will also enjoy the wide parking space it offers because it allows you to hire cars at the airport for a more enjoyable tour of the island, without worrying too much of the transportation expense.

Strasbourg Christmas Market
It is considered the Oldest Market in France. Its history dates as far as the 1570. You will be thrilled to shop astounding holiday items in its midst like woodcarvings, garlands, bells, tinsel, garland, candles, and any décor related to the holiday season. You may not intend to buy anything in its midst but it is still a place worthy to visit. You will be very happy to see the large Christmas tress on display and numerous toys your children will be begging you to buy for them. Therefore, think twice before visiting the market place because even if you have no intention of buying anything then you may still end up purchasing a few items. It would be irresistible.

The Film Festival
Strasbourg is considering using the power of film to attract more guests into the city. For this year, the selection rests on Fantasy and horror films. If you have reserved schedule for the month of September then be sure to experience and witness the European Festival of Fantasy Film. It is a week of celebration involving fantasy and horror that is sure to provide you with a fantastic evening, as long as you can handle the horror brought by these films. Incidentally, the Musica Modern Music Festival is offered after the festival for you to enjoy.

Mondial Beer Festival
Beer lovers would best visit Strasbourg during the month of October. 400 different beers will be on available for your taste bud experience. Learn how to brew the best kinds of beer and the necessary skills that will help you become an expert in beer tasting and beer making. It will be week of beer madness that will make your Strasbourg tour much fun and enjoyable.

Music, shopping, food, and entertainment are available all year round in Strasbourg. Intelligently plan your trip and have the best adventure in this area.

This Guest Post written by: Shaiya Ong

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Shaiya Ong is a freelance writer for www.frenchairportguide.com. She is currently engaged in finding France destinations that will make your vacation more enjoyable.

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