Struggling With Energy? 5 Unhealthy Habits You Need to Quit

 Struggling With Energy | Unhealthy Habits | PintFeed

Energy is the powerhouse of your lifestyle and can either make or break your success in feeling incredible. If you are struggling to complete your everyday tasks, stay energized all day, or even get up in the morning, your energy levels may be drained. Luckily, there are a few culprits that may be depleting your energy through the habits you practice daily. By getting to the source of your low energy, you can change your habits at your own pace to protect your energy and keep you positive and productive. Challenge yourself to address these five unhealthy habits if you are struggling with low energy but have not figured out why.

Eating Processed Food

Eating fast and processed food may seem like a good idea in the moment, but your energy levels are being depleted in the long term. Fast food tends to give you a "rush" of energy followed by a dramatic crash later due to the empty calories found in greasy or sugary foods. This is why you may lean on fast food in the moment but struggle to maintain your daily energy levels. Processed food has a similar effect and can cause you to feel full without necessarily energizing you. This is because processed food is high in calories but not nutrients, so your brain and body are hungry for more. This can lead to fatigue, stress, and cravings that distract you from your tasks at hand. You can reverse the effects of processed food by simply focusing on eating more whole foods whenever you can. Dark leafy greens, whole grains, fruits, and plant protein are all clean "fuel" for your energy levels.

Staying Up Late

Losing out on sleep can have devastating effects on your mental health and energy in the long term. Sleep is your body's chance to recharge and restore its energy levels, and neglecting sleep can affect your entire next day. The first sign of incomplete sleep is difficulty waking up in the morning or addiction to caffeine to start your day. You might also experience irritability, lack of motivation to exercise, energy crashes in the afternoon, or brain fog while you try to concentrate. These consequences can be reversed over time if you prioritize 7-8 hours of sleep whenever possible. You can disconnect from your devices or create a relaxing nighttime routine if you currently struggle to sleep each night. Sleeping at a reasonable time can improve your energy levels without making any dramatic changes to your lifestyle.

Neglecting Fitness

Avoiding a consistent fitness routine is likely a reason your energy levels are sluggish, especially if you have a grueling work schedule. Fitness is about far more than weight loss; your body requires a consistent level of exercise to function properly, protect your metabolism, improve your mood, and reduce stress. The release of endorphins after exercise is your body's natural stress relief, and you may experience excess anxiety or lack of energy if you have not worked out in some time. Luckily, the benefits of exercise can be felt right away if you simply begin now. Go at your own pace and walk outside or stretch during a busy day to keep your energy levels high. Creating a strong fitness routine can protect your energy levels no matter how stressful your life is.

Forgetting Mental Health

Neglecting your mental health has detrimental consequences on your wellbeing and energy levels. If you experience high stress levels and anxiety without seeking help, these can drain your mental and physical energy to the point where you become depressed. Even addictions such as alcoholism can develop if you are not coping with stress in a healthy way, and these addictions drain your energy even more. Do your best to address any mental illness or mental health challenges proactively so your energy levels and health are protected. A licensed psychologist and your primary care doctor are great places to begin if you worry that your mental health is depleting your energy. Asking for help can put you back on track and help you sustain a lifestyle with the energy you need to thrive.

Beating Yourself Up

The last energy-draining habit you may struggle with is perfectionism, or beating yourself up when you do not exceed your expectations. Self-esteem is a powerful psychological energy source, and neglecting to celebrate your small wins can drain you mentally. This impacts the level of energy you bring to daily tasks including healthy eating, exercise, and anything that involves self-care. Building your self-esteem over time and learning to adapt from failures can protect you from anxiety and some stressful mindsets that are dangerous in the long term. Consider working with your therapist if you have the habit of beating yourself up for failing, as this can heavily drain your mental and physical energy.

Consider these unhealthy habits if you have struggled with your energy and are searching for the cause. These are subtle habits that can creep into your lifestyle when stress is present, so do your best to change your habits as you see fit and ask for help when you need it. By protecting your own physical and mental health, you will double your energy levels and create a lifestyle where you can thrive.


How Modern Technologies Changed the Construction Business

How Modern Technologies Changed the Construction Business | PintFeed

Technology is continually shifting. By the modernization come new enhancements which make commercial divisions such as the construction business affluent and proficient. It is essential that firms maintain these enhancements or risk a being left in the dust with their updated challengers.

There have been verified benefits of integrating new technologies into construction. Here’s a look at some benefits of those technologies that are playing a vital function in construction as we know it.

Mobile Devices, Software, and Apps

Most beneficial latest technologies in the construction industries must be mobile devices. Employees in this business utilize programs to record, share and edit data while at work. Additionally, there are heavy-duty devices that are made for area work and provide screens that are more economical for viewing in daylight or adverse weather conditions.

It's widely thought that another step up construction technology will consist of wearable mobile gear. This will permit employees to be device/hands-free at whole working day.

By way of instance, Construction Management computer software facilitates businesses to modulate their endeavors by micromanaging the building procedure. It keeps an eye on inventory together with decreasing waste reducing the cost of building substances. The applications aids in the components which arrive with the method that makes it possible for the job and monitoring project tasks. With a personal laptop application, reducing paperwork and increasing the efficacy of the small enterprise minimizes human errors.

Pc software that's improved the construction industry could be your Building Information Modeling. Stimulating models give data that is precious to help the construction procedure. From the start of the method, each and every measure is tracked to decrease design errors and boost the overall efficacy of the item. With such models, engineers can mimic and prepared by improving designs and expose flaws within their structures.

3-D Printing

Construction materials like plastics, composites, and concrete that was rust are now able to be produced via 3-D printing quickly and easily. A workplace structure was assembled finished completely of 3-D printed ingredients in Dubai. The structure was erected in only a couple weeks.

Along with this cost advantages of 3-D printing your materials, 3-D printing permits creating stuff more durable. Intricate design elements may be performed using 3-D printing capacities. Ways of making these complex design elements, often manually, could be high priced and more time-consuming.

Latest Drones

Drones are now increasingly being useful to encourage site assessment and inspections, in addition, to give you knowledge of the progress of the task. Organizations are using the unit to track employees, deliveries, and logistics. In addition, the footage could be transformed into 3D pictures that could be good for architectural preparation.

It is forecasted that drones will always be a favorite construction instrument due to their advanced cameras and lenses that could capture graphics, as well as communication abilities with the software at the receiving end.

The use of the Internet

The World Wide Web has altered how public plan and shape construction projects. It's proven again and again to be the starting point for a lot of the creations of today.

Besides applications and software’s, the construction industry has begun to experiment the use of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, Google Plus and Twitter. With access to a fast-paced network, a huge market can be reached and kept up with the advancements of the business. A free account makes it possible for companies to build a partnership with their customers and receive feedback. Not only can companies participate in their clientele but these networks are great marketing tools used to market their business at the low cost. Buyers are able to see a construction company's products at a few moments’ that make a purchase and in turn increases revenue.

By supporting with structure administration software, GPS, and other beneficial gears, the internet has enabled for precision in every detail of the construction assignments. This reduced the number of errors; saving cash and time by automated the procedure.

Robots/Autonomous Trucks

Robotics and machines are so sophisticated now they are able to perform very much in heavy lifting on a construction website. In the place of experiencing a worker risk life and limb at erecting or demolishing the structures, a robot might also be used to reduce those dangerous activities. These risks would be more if workers are working on metal buildings construction site because bulky and hard metals can demolish their life or harm their bodies if it drops from them. The number of flaws and traumas from the job could possibly be paid off as a reduced outcome. By utilizing robots to take on both grueling physical labor and work in harsh climates may also useful to avoid worker fatigue and stoppages because of inclement weather.

One more advantage of robotic construction: automatic robots can be handled from remote locations which are far away from the site. Professionals Technicians operating do not need to be on site. They could control exactly what the robots do in any place in the world.

Automated vehicles and equipment like dump trucks and bulldozers may also be simplifying construction assignments. Many times, the dump trucks and bulldozers may be operated by one remotely located professional technician that saves time and human resources.


It is obvious that modern technology is the solution to successful future outcomes. It's up to the businesses and commerce be left behind with their mock ups that are out-of-date or update with the modern technology. With technology continuously rolling, the construction industry will continue to benefit and expand efficiency.

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Which Home Improvements Increase Your Property’s Value?

Home Improvements | Increase Your Property’s Value | PintFeed

Owning a house these days is a great privilege, but it’s also an endless responsibility, where a lot of things can get damaged and fall apart, if you don’t take care of them. Owning a property doesn’t only mean that you have a place to live in, it also means that you possess a great asset, which can provide you with a great profit, if you play your cards right. Repairs and home improvements are not the favourite activity of every homeowner, but they are necessary, if you want to consider your home an investment. The future is unpredictable, and you never know when you might have to move, sell, or exchange for something bigger. Here are some home improvements, which will definitely increase the value of your property:

Which home improvements provide the greatest return of investment? 

The real estate market changes with every year, depending on the local trends and the statistical preferences of the potential buyers, but there are a few particular home improvements which are timeless. The important part when making upgrades to your property, is to make the difference between the important things people actually need and look for, and the ones which are considered a  luxury and basically non-vital. Here’s a short list with the home improvements that bring the biggest benefits when you decide to sell: 

•    Kitchen remodel – around 90% return on investment, depending on the size and quality; 
•    Install central air and heating systems – around 70-90% return on investment, depending on the type of system; 
•    Additional bathrooms – 90% return on investment; 
•    Bathroom remodel – 80% return on investment; 
•    Replacing windows – 70% return on investment; 
•    Outdoor decks – 70% return on investment; 
•    Additional rooms – 50-60% return on investment; 
•    Finished basement or attic – around 40% return on investment, depending on the size of the premises; 
Here’s more information on the most wanted home improvements that potential buyers are looking for:

Kitchen remodels

The kitchen is a major factor when it comes to valuable home improvements. It’s the place where we cook our meals and sometimes even eat them, so it’s logical why it’s one of the biggest assets buyers look at. Often they determine if a property is worth the price by just taking a look at the kitchen. This is because if the kitchen is not upgraded, it could cost them a ton of money to fix it, and this is the last thing most people want to do right after they buy a house. The most important kitchen improvements a house for sale needs to have, are energy efficient and stainless steel appliances, functional countertops in good condition, sufficient storage and cabinets that are not falling apart, updated faucets and sinks, and flooring in good condition.

Bathroom updates

If you have more than one bathroom in your house, then you’re very lucky, because additional bathrooms and rooms in general, tend to increase the value of your home. If you have only one bathroom, maybe you should consider adding another one, if the space allows it. If it doesn’t, then the least you can do is update the one you have and make sure it’s in its best condition. You don’t have to necessarily tear everything apart and start from the beginning, it’s enough to bring it into the 21st century with some repairs and functionality improvements. Some fresh paint, new light fixtures and exhaust fans are a good start. You can also consider re-grouting and sealing the bathroom tiles, this will refresh the outlook of the entire room. You can also take a look at the fixtures, if your toilet or basin are more than 10 years old and worn out, you can consider replacing them with newer models. 

Energy efficiency

Green living and sustainability are very popular topics lately. So, it’s understandable why potential buyers look for energy efficient homes. There are lots of ways to upgrade your household appliances to answer to their needs. Buying a new fridge, air conditioning or another household device with a class A+ or A++ will significantly decrease the energy bills. Home insulation is another property enhancement you could take advantage of and stop the large percentage of heat loss during the colder months. Consider this a reasonable investment which will define not only the property value, but also your future expenses on energy. When insulating your property, however, don’t forget the parts attached to the property like the garage, basement or the conservatory. If you don’t cold proof them, your place will lose more heat than the air conditioning generates and result in huge energy bills.

If you’ve already upgraded your household appliances, but would like to go even further, adding a few renewable energy sources to your home is the next step to take. Solar panels are a classic eco-friendly home enhancement. But with the advancement of technology, nowadays you can also buy solar roof tiles, energy generating window films and all other kinds of solar tech. 

The front door

This may seem like something unimportant, it’s just a door afterwards. But for the potential buyer the front door is the first thing they see, they imagine how they will get back home through that door every day, how they will invite guests, and how it will keep them safe. For them it’s like the face of the house. So, it’s important to keep it updated, with quality door handles and locks. If you notice any paint peeling or structural damage, you should consider repainting it, or replacing it completely. Studies show, that blue, red and yellow front doors are among the most popular choices for home buyers. 

Air conditioning and heating systems

The heating and cooling of the house makes up around 40% of your energy costs each month, which is shocking. Installing a proper and energy efficient HVAC system always impacts the value of the property positively. Installing a highly efficient furnace or boiler, along with a good air conditioner can save you a lot of money and is more sustainable, because there are less carbon emissions. Have in mind, that it’s best to make such improvements with the help of a qualified specialist in that area. 

Roof repairs

The roof is a very important structural part of the house. Many realtors debate over the usefulness of a full roof replacement, some claim that it increases the value of the property, others say it has no impact on the final price. But the facts are, that if your roof is over 20 years old, it’s probably time to replace it. The roof is exposed to all kinds of unpleasant conditions, so it’s structural integrity lowers with years. And if you’re able to provide the new homeowner with a guarantee of a new roof, then the price of the property should improve. In case the roof doesn’t need a full replacement, you can always look for cracked shingles, rust and other small problems, that can be fixed. Cleaning the gutters and making sure there are no leaves in them can also help. The compromised roof and gutters can lead to all kinds of leaks, mould and damage to both the outside facade, and the indoor part of the house. 

The outdoor area

The outdoor part is just as important as the front door or anything inside the house. It’s a part of the first impression people create when they stop in front of the house, so it’s important for everything to be neat and well maintained. Some of the things you can do is to mow the lawn, and pick up any toys or tools and place them in a shed or storage somewhere. If you have trees and shrubs in your garden, they should be well trimmed and looking safe, because poorly maintained trees are dangerous during windy weather. It’s also a good idea to plant some colourful flowers near the front, they will make the place look cosy and inviting. Another thing you can pay attention to are any decks, patios and driveways you may have. If they are stained or full of weeds, you’ll need to clean them, possibly with a pressure cleaning machine. 

The garage, attics and basements

Not every house has those spaces, but if you do, you need to utilise them as well as possible. When buyers look for a house, they usually look for a garage, or at least a parking spot or driveway. So, if you have a garage and you’ve been using it for storage, it’s recommended to clear it out and make it presentable. Attics and basements can be very useful spaces, because you can turn them into additional rooms, be it a bedroom, a home theatre room, or anything else you find interesting. And as we mentioned above, additional rooms are a good way to increase your property’s value. 

About the author:

Melanie Johnson is an Australian blogger and a marketing executive for Fantastic Services Group, which is a certified home improvement company, which provides over 25 services in the fields of cleaning, handyman, gardening and pest control services. 


Archiving WhatsApp Messages for Trial and Legal Matters [Infographic]

Archiving WhatsApp Messages | WhatsApp Messages | PintFeed

As phones went from being a luxury to a necessity, employees are becoming increasingly connected and allow them to become productive even when they’re away from their desks and grow their business.
Good communication is essential to a successful business. Mobile phones can help employees remain in contact with the office and other workers, as well as reaching out to their customers and as it rapidly updates, phones continue to make it easier to reach out to anyone at anytime may it be through SMS messages, emails, voice calls, and messaging apps such as WhatsApp.
WhatsApp especially has turned into a massive hit for small business owners looking to connect with their customers. It gives them a platform to interact with clients and prospects. However, running a company also requires capturing and recording digital messages pertinent to its business, in accordance with the law.
While many organizations often struggle to meet text archiving requirements, investing in a messaging solution that can capture and record electronic communication services such as the WhatsApp messages could also be very useful if you need to protect yourself in a legal dispute.
Lawsuits can be costly, time-consuming as well as a grueling process that could damage the reputation of the business. However, they’re also hardly rare in the industry. A decent archiving solution can serve as evidence in the court and backup one party’s claim and prove the other’s lies.
This infographic by Telemessage shows how archiving WhatsApp and SMS messages could help with businesses dealing with trial and legal matters.

Archiving WhatsApp Messages | WhatsApp Messages | PintFeed

Motorcycle Road Trip Tips [Infographic]

 Motorcycle Road Trip Tips | PintFeed

Having a road trip via motorcycle can be a pretty exciting form of recreational activity indeed. With all of those beautiful sceneries combined with the relaxing breeze of fresh air everywhere, it is undoubtedly a memorable experience. Not to mention it is quite more convenient compared to those conventional forms of transportation such as cars, bus, etc.

However, aside from having some fun time, ensuring your safety must also be one of the top priorities. Since unlike cars, riding a motorcycle basically leaves you unprotected, and this could pose some risks especially in some unexpected cases like accidents.This is why every motorcycle owner must have the most fundamental rule in responsible driving: wearing helmets.

In fact, wearing helmets can draw a fine line between survival and death. In countries like the Philippines, the World Health Organization (Who) reported in 2018 that there were over 11,264 fatalities caused by road accidents and 5,970 (50%) of these cases were passengers of motorcycles and other two or three-wheeled vehicles. 90% of them don’t wear any protective gear for the head. This is based on an article published in

That’s why it’s crucial for everyone to know some of the best tips when it comes in safely navigating a motorcycle on the road. Some of these tips are:

  • Having a thorough assessment of your vehicle – making sure that your vehicle is in 100% tiptop condition is the first step in ensuring your safety while on the road. From the fluids, valves, fuel system, you name it. Also, have your motorcycle checked by your local mechanic every now and then to see if there are any problems you overlooked.

  • Things to bring before the long ride – here are some of the most important things you must have with you before the long drive:
  1. Tire plug kit
  2. Earplug
  3. Extra Gloves
  4. Rain gear
  5. Waterproof luggage and extra waterproof bags
  6. Bungee cords
  7. Personal and vehicle documents
  8. Motorcycle cover
  9. Basic repairing tools
  10. First aid kit (a must have!)

These set of equipment decreases the risks of you inflicting serious injuries in the event of accidents. The infographic below will further discuss each of their purpose and significance.
  • What you should wear– Proper gear and attire are also extremely vital. Be sure to wear helmets, proper footwear, protective eyewear, and travel bags.

  • Availing yourself an insurance– Insurance can be handy at times. It can help you with all of the potential damages you might incur just in case unfortunate things really did happen. There can be a variety of motorcycle insurance coverages available. Here are some of them just to name a few:
  1. Liability coverage
  2. Collision coverage
  3. Comprehensive coverage
  4. Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist Coverage.
Another factor to consider is the attitude of the driver. As simple as avoiding over speeding and driving while drunk can already make a big difference that is purely beneficial not only for the rider but also to anyone in the road as well.

If you want to know more about these tips, take a look at this infographic created and designed by

Motorcycle Road Trip Tips | PintFeed

Benefits of Using Alfresco Blinds for Your Exteriors

Alfresco Blinds and Shades for Your Exteriors | PintFeed

Alfresco blinds can play an essential role in enhancing the exteriors of your house. Whether you are choosing to increase the cool breeze of winter or the sun of summers, you can enjoy it all if you have blinds attached to your house. However, apart from protecting from weather conditions, the alfresco blinds help to enhance the quality. You can choose from the full range of alfresco blinds and shades.

These blinds can provide you utmost privacy and you can prevent harsh sun’s ray by installing these blinds on your window. Apart from that, you can also protect your outdoor furniture with these blinds, and you can save your power consumption level by keeping your room cool during hottest summer.

What Are the Advantages of Using Alfresco Blinds?


No one of us like when someone peeps into our house. Not only is this annoying, but also a violation of privacy. Therefore, we always look out for ways through which you can stay protected against the risk of intimacy. The alfresco blinds can be one practical solution for enhancing the privacy of your house. These alfresco blinds can help you stay comfortable, sheltered and private.


You need not to buy all types of blinds to suit a particular need and keep changing them. Instead of so much, you can purchase one kind of alfresco blinds as a solution to all kinds of seasons. You only need to purchase it once and you do not need to replace them for next five to ten years. Even if you are looking forward to renovating the house, alfresco blinds may prove to be the most suitable option. You do not need to spend any additional cost on their maintenance too.


Alfresco blinds are versatile, thereby suiting all kinds of purposes. These can suit all types of settings. You can put up the alfresco blinds indoors as well as outdoors locations. You can choose from the full range of style and colours to enhance the look of the area. Make sure to make a choice depending on the needs. If you consider all the aspects properly, you can use these for indoors as well as outdoors purposes. It can help to enhance the look of your exterior area, thereby preventing sunlight and rain. You can either choose motorized blinds or the manual blinds.

Alfresco Blinds for Your Exteriors | Alfresco Blinds and Shades | PintFeed


Most people are of the view that due to the versatility of the alfresco blinds, but these are pretty affordable. These are available in many options and are affordable. While purchasing alfresco blinds, you will need to consider many factors. Since you are investing in these blinds, you should make efforts to purchase an affordable one that can last for five to six years. Apart from that, most of these blinds come with five years warranty and you can replace them within their warranty period if needed.

Easy to use

The alfresco blinds are available in various options such a shutter, roller and fixed. When you purchase these from reliable companies, they offer high quality, strong and durable materials such as PVC and canvas. You should choose from the range of blinds that can last for a long time and withstands the pressure accordingly. You can quickly open and clean them.
The alfresco blinds are very permanent and can withstand the harsh weather conditions. It does not get damaged easily. It can prove to be one practical solution and can last for a long time. Alfresco blinds are made with complete endurance of lesser cleaning and maintenance. Since they are made of long-lasting materials, it can prove to be a practical solution for increasing comfort and beauty.


6 Reasons Why You Should Travel For Holi Celebration In India

Best Holi Festival Celebration In India 2018 | Festivals Of Colors | PintFeed

Nowadays, everyone in the world knows about the Holi festival. Holi is the festivals of colors and it is a sign of Indian culture and traditions. Holi is the most famous Hindu festival and it now it is celebrated in most of the countries.
This year Holi festival in India 2019 is on 20th March to 21st March so, if you are considering a thrilling trip you should definitely book a trip for Holi celebration in India. Now let us tell you about the Holi festival celebration in India that will make you fall in love with this vibrant, energetic, and multicolored festival of love in India.

What is Holi festival

Holi is the festival of love in India which was firstly started in Northern India. The festival is also famous as the name of ‘Color Festival in India’ because throwing natural colored powder on each other is one of the most famous ways of Holi celebration in India. Holi festival is a sign of victory of good over evil and it welcomes the spring season in India.
Holi is the festival of Hindu origin and they celebrated this festival to express Lord Krishna’s love with Radha. Holi festival is celebrated across the whole country and now it has become the most celebrated festival across the whole world.

Why You Should Consider to Travel for Holi Celebration in India


01 : See The amazing Holi Celebration All Across India

Holi is not celebrated among just one city of India it is celebrated across the whole country. The most amazing part of this festival is that each city celebrates this festival in their own ways so, you can get a chance to drench in those different types of Holi celebration as well. Following are the best places to see these different types of Holi celebrations in India:
  • Mathura and Vrindavan celebrate this festival for multi days in their own traditional way so, if you want to enjoy this multi days festival in India then Mathura and Vrindavan is the place to go.
  • Delhi is also one of the best places to celebrate Holi festival. Delhi celebrates Holi in a very energetic way with dancing on music, eating lots of delicious sweets and throwing colors on each other.
  • Goa’s Holi parties are world famous so, you can also chill there.

02 : Experience Indian Culture and Traditions in a Unique Way

If you will visit India during Holi festival you will get to know about Indian culture and traditions. You will get to celebrate Holi with many local peoples and know about their different traditions. Experience the lively celebrations of Holi festival in India and be a part of the day with laughter and colors.

03 : Fall in Love with Special Holi Foods and Desserts

No festivals are completed in India without special foods and desserts. Holi is also one of those festivals and it is totally incomplete without having some delicious. Dahi Wada and Papri Chat are some of the special foods prepared at the Holi festival in every house. You can also enjoy Gujiyas, Puran Poli (Types of Indian Sweets), Thandai (prepared with sweet milk, dry fruits, and spices).

04 : Drench in The Natural Colors of Holi

When you’ll visit India during Holi festival you will see that every person, from kids to adults will be drenched in colors and stocked with packets of different colored powder. You too can join this vibrant celebration by getting some colored powder, water balloons, and water guns filled with colored water.

Remember that Holi colors are not that easy to remove after so before you join the celebration, put some coconut oil, lotions, sunscreen to keep your skin safe.

05 : Indulge in Fun of Holi Celebration in India

As you know the entire country celebrate this festival by throwing colored powder on each other so, nothing could be more fun than this festival. You can also be a part of this festival with your friends and enjoy dancing, celebrating and eating.

06 : Create New Memories with Your Loved Ones

Visiting India during Holi festival with your loved ones could be a great experience for you both. Celebrating this colorful festival with your partner will be a great time you have ever spend together. Express your love towards your partner by drenching Holi colors and enjoy the dance & Music the best Holi celebration in India.
So these were some reasons to know that way you should travel for Holi celebration in India. If you have any queries regarding this article then you can tell us by commenting in the comment section below.
If you are visiting India during Holi festival then you should follow these tips to avoid any unhealthy experience and to enjoy this colorful festival at it’s fullest:
  • If you are a female solo traveler and visiting India during Holi festival then you should be careful and need to go with those peoples with whom you will be comfortable
  • Don’t wear shorts and too expensive clothes
  • Don’t be a part of any color celebration alone
  • Always follow your guide and do not get over-friendy with strangers
  • Do not drink anything offered by strangers it can be a kind of alcoholic drinks


How to Transform your Home Bathroom into a Hotel Bathroom [Infographic]

Luxury Commercial Bath | PintFeed

Bathrooms are one of the essential parts of a home; this is the part where the members of your family, including you, take time to relax and take time to take a bath. Maintaining the cleanliness and the quality of the fixtures inside your bathroom is quite a challenge, but, thanks to modern technology, you can now transform your bathroom space into something more comfortable and high-class.

In this infographic, we will discuss the different steps on how you can transform your home bathroom into a hotel bathroom. It may seem impossible at first, but when you finally see the effective use of different techniques and hiring a professional contractor to for this project, you can experience the luxury and comfort of high-class bathrooms in your home.

Considering that remodeling your bathroom into an exquisite and luxurious space will take a lot of time and effort especially with the amount of cost it will take, there are a lot of simple ways that you start this remodeling project. The necessary steps that you can begin to do are by investing in high-quality, fancy towels. Bathroom towels are one of the essentials that every person uses after a shower and drying down their hands after rinsing. Spending in this kind of element inside your bathroom will give you the benefit of using materials that can complement your use of your bathroom at home. Another way that you start by remodeling your bathroom is with upgrading your bathroom lighting. Constructing a suitable and glamorous light inside your bathroom will help you create a pleasant environment and vibe that all your family members and guests can appreciate.

If you are interested in learning more about the different tips and steps that you can make to transform your bathroom at home into a hotel bathroom, check out the infographic below created by Luxury Commercial Bath.

Home Bathroom | Hotel Bathroom

You Can Pray for Lower Energy Costs Or You Can Make Your Commercial Building More Energy Efficient [Infographic]

Energy Efficient Commercial Building | PintFeed

Energy consumption is the singlelargest operating expense for most commercial buildings, representing approximately one-third of typical operating budgets. By ensuring that their building is using energy more efficiently, commercial building owners can achieve several financial benefits, including increased profits, reduced operating expense, and increased property asset value.

In addition to these financial gains, many experts also believe that energy efficient buildings can actually deliver intangible benefits for occupants. These benefits are monetized by factors such as an increase in employee productivity and increased revenue due to improved “green” image of the business occupants.

Another reason for commercial building owners to initiate energy-saving improvements is the substantial operational benefits that result from upgrading the legacy mechanical systems of the building. With the help of professional engineers, building owners can conduct an energy audit and identify which systems are no longer sustainable to run. In return, they will be able to replace these systems with modern systems that use less energy but provide the same or higher level of performance in the long run.

To learn more about the importance of running an energy efficient commercial building, and the steps you can implement to achieve it, check out the infographic below from Lockatong Engineering.

Energy Efficient Commercial Building

Are CA Exams Really Tough Or It’s Just a Mythical Hype?

Chartered Accountant | CA Coaching Institute | PintFeed

Being a Chartered accountant is a dream that is seen by millions of students but only a few are capable enough to live up their dream of becoming a Chartered Accountant in India. The CA Course  is generally opted as a career option by the students belonging to commerce stream but students from other streams have also been successful CA’s, So this field is not stream specific, there will be definitely some benefits if you belong to the commerce stream, even if not then also you can crack the CA Exam by following some important tricks and tips that we will discuss in this article.

Are CA Exams Really Tough? Well, the answer to this question is not that direct. Whether CA or any other exam the level of difficulty or how comfortable it is to pass the exam vary from people to people. Because of low pass percentage in CA Exams, it is regarded as one of the difficult courses of our country. But with proper planning and hard work, you will be able to qualify this exam with ease.

CA Course consists of 3 important phases

  1. CA Foundation -entry level Exam
  2. CA Intermediate
  3. CA Final
Chartered Accountant | CA Coaching Institute | PintFeed

Once you qualify these three level you become a qualified CA.

Every level of this course requires your dedication and hard work. With every level, the difficulty increases. This course is not attempt or age bound. But that does not mean that you have infinite time. With every attempt, you tend to lower the value of your degree of CA.So it is advised that you clear all its level in the specified time period.

CA is a demanding career so there are no shortcuts to pass this exam. This course takes a minimum of at least 4 years that also when you pass all its level in single attempt otherwise there is no maximum time to qualify, it depends on person to person.

Challenges in the Road to become CA

(1) Self-discipline:

Discipline is the prerequisite for success in any field and in CA it becomes even more important. As discussed above this course takes somewhere between 4-5 years without any break so you have to be disciplined in your studies throughout this time period.

(2) Articleship, College, and Studies:

Once you Clear one or both the groups of CA Intermediate you can start with the practical training i.e., articleship. Articleship is basically internship under a practicing CA. Students who opt for CA course also go for graduation, once your articleship starts it becomes too hectic to manage college, articleship and your CA preparation altogether. Articleship is for a period of 3 years and to manage all of this for such a long time can be tiring.

(3) Low pass percentage:

The passing percentage keeps on fluctuating in CA Exams. Sometimes the pass percentages go really low. Which proves to be a demotivating factor for CA aspirants.

(4) Lack of Proper Guidance:

Getting proper guidance is foremost important. Lack of proper guidance can waste your time. If you have someone who can guide you its great, if not you can go for some coaching institute where you are sure of getting systematic advice. while joining coaching institute be very careful, try to join a reputed and time tested coaching institute which has given some decent results in the past.

(5) Extensive Syllabus:

The syllabus for this course is very wide and with each successive level it gets tougher. So to cover such a huge syllabus in the given time can be challenging for some.

If you are able to manage all the above points you can clear this exam effortlessly. CA is for those people laborious, determined and focused.

What All is Required From You

(1) Dedication:

While preparation you have to wholeheartedly devote yourself to studies. You have to study dedicatedly every day and be consistent with it

(2) Time Management:

With vast syllabus to cover, you have to be smart enough to do it all in the available time period. Here your time management skills will work for you.

(3) Self Study:

Whichever CA Coaching Institute you join, still you have to rely completely on the self-study because coaching institutes act as a guiding factor only, it is your self-study which will be responsible for your result.

(4) Avoid Distractions:

Nowadays everyone is busy doing nothing, thanks to our digital advancements. Today everybody has a cell phone and each cell phone contains a number of social media apps which is enough to distract us from our goal. So it advised to maintain distance from social media and avoid its use during your study hour.

(5) Have a Study plan:

With such a vast syllabus, in order to cover everything it is better to have a systematic study plan before starting the preparation. Go through the syllabus and then prepare a time table for each subject and study accordingly.

So there is nothing like tough or easy it is individual approach and hard work which makes things easy for some and difficult for others. From the discussion we made above you must have got an idea what this course is all about. Here’s wishing you all the Best for your bright future.


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