Beetroot: The New Superfood For Your Health?

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Eating fruits and vegetables has long been known to help lower the risks of many lifestyle-related health conditions.  One popular superfood that can greatly enhance our health is the beetroot.  Many studies show that beetroot can boost athletic performance, decrease blood pressure, and raise blood flow.  In short, beetroot can provide many benefits.

What Is Beetroot?

Beetroot is known by many names, such as the red beet, table beet, golden beet, and garden beet.  It is the taproot portion of the beet plant and is commonly found in North America.
Pigments known as betalains are the source of the beets' redness.  Nineteenth-century women used beets to tint their cheeks and lips, a practice that led to the common phrase red as a beet.
But, beetroot wasn't always red and round.  At one time, it was white or black and was fibrous and thin.  People used beetroot more as medicine, but later began eating it as well, especially as it began to take the characteristic red color we know and love today.

How Nutritious Is Beetroot?

Beetroot is full of vitamins and minerals.  It has medicinal properties in its nitrates and pigments.  Aside from that, it is delicious and low in calories, which can make it the perfect addition to your diet.
Vitamins C and B6, iron, magnesium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, folate, protein, and fiber are just some of the vitamins, minerals, and nutrients found in this nourishing plant.  The plant can be beneficial to your brain, heart, and overall physical performance.  Here are some reasons to incorporate beetroot in your daily diet:

Beetroot Helps Lower Blood Pressure and the  Risk of Heart Disease

This plant is rich in nitrates.  The body converts nitrates to nitric oxide to help regulate blood circulation.  Better circulation may contribute to lower blood pressure.
A study has shown that drinking beet juice can lower the systolic blood pressure of healthy men by four to five points in just a few hours.  Lower blood pressure decreases the risks of heart attacks, heart failure, and strokes.  Beetroot contains folate and a compound known as betaine, compounds that can reduce homocysteine blood levels.  Lowering the levels of the amino acid homocystine can also reduce a person's risks of developing heart disease.

Beetroot Juice May Increase Stamina and Athletic Performance

Beetroot juice is a very popular beverage for athletes because it contains dietary nitrate, which may enhance their athletic performance.  Nitrates appear to have an impact on physical performance by refining the effectiveness of mitochondria.  Mitochondria are structures that create energy in the cells of the body.
Cyclists may consume beetroot juice to improve their cycling and athletic performance.  The beverage may also maximize oxygen use up to 20 percent.  One study found that drinking beetroot juice could enhance cycling performance by 2.8 percent over four kilometers and 2.7 percent over 16.1 kilometers.  The best time to consume beets is two to three hours before training or participating in a sport.

Beetroot Juice May Enhance Brain Health

Nitric oxide eases and expands blood vessels, which increases the flow of the blood to the brain.  This easing and expansion leads to better brain function.  Nitric oxide levels, neuron activity, and energy metabolism in the brain decrease as we age.  Consuming beetroot and beet juice can help us support our brains.
A 2010 study found that older adults who had a high-nitrate diet with beet juice improved blood flow to the frontal lobe of the brain.  This area of the brain is associated with higher-level thinking such as decision-making, attention to detail, organization, and focus.  It is possible that consuming the right substances may decrease the risk of dementia and other conditions affecting the brain.

Beets Can Be a Delicious Way to Lose Weight

Beets are low in calories and high in fiber.  One cup of beets provides almost four grams of insoluble fiber.  This kind of fiber helps decrease the risk of digestive problems such as constipation and different chronic health conditions.  The betaine found in beets can also improve digestion.  People should know that the color of beets can change the color of their urine or feces to crimson, pink, or other shades of red.
Beets are nutritious and delicious.  They fit well in many diets and are versatile.  You can juice, steam, roast, or pickle them.  This superfood delivers impressive health benefits for people with active lifestyles.

About the author:
Charles Watson currently is head the content writer for Willow Springs Recovery out of Texas. A lifelong health advocate.


Home Remedies for Tooth Pain

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Tooth pain can range from mild to severe, depending on whether you have sharp or dull type ache. When the pain is sharp or acute, it can appear quickly and can occur while eating or speaking or will be of short nature. Such pain can indicate one of many things including teeth decay, gum decay, gum infection, a broken tooth, poorly worked filling or crown etc. on the other hand, dull pain reflects a more serious problem and also indicates damaged nerves. Whatever the cause of toothache is, the pain can be managed by using one of many popular home remedies. Even if the pain persists, consult top dentist Greenpoint for a thorough check up and treatment.

Here are some of home remedies to relieve tooth pain - 

Clove Oil

The use of clove for treating toothache is perhaps as old the humanity. it’s not only a tiny spice that adds flavour, smell and aroma to dishes but packs properties to kills germs and infections causing toothache or other dental problems.  The presence of eugenol – a strong antiseptic and anaesthetic substance – helps it numb the nerves and eases the pain. Plus, it prevents the risk of infections as well, so you can use with without any worry.

Salt-Water Rinse

A regular rinsing of mouth with salt water is a great way to ease toothache and keep in check bacteria growth as well. You can mix a bit of salt in water and rinse twice a day to sanitize the mouth and prevent bacteria from growing. The saline mix thus prepared will keep your mouth clean of bacteria to lessen the pain and even reduce infection. It would be great if you develop the habit of rinsing the mouth after each meal.  

Peppermint Essential Oil

Peppermint oil is also used a lot in treating toothache. For that reason, a lot of oral health products use it as a major ingredient. The presence of menthol, which is an active ingredient, gives it all the anti-bacterial properties like clove. You can apply the oil on the affected site and get relief from pain in a natural manner. Plus, it can also give you a refreshing cool breath.


A lot of people use garlic as well as a home remedy to treat their toothache. It contains a natural antibacterial agent responsible for alleviating the pain in your teeth. When you chew on raw slice of garlic, it releases allicin which can kill bacteria and relieve the pain. That apart, people also rinse the mouth with garlic water to minimize the intensity of pain in their teeth. If possible, add some peppermint to the mix for better and quicker results for your toothache.  

Turmeric paste or powder

Turmeric is known for its magical medicinal properties where some of them of key for oral health. The presence of an active ingredient curcumin enriches it with antibacterial, analgesic and antiseptic properties. For that reason, people trust it for relieving tooth pain and preventing infections and abscesses. You can prepare a paste of turmeric powder and water and apply it directly to the affected tooth for relief.  You should consider visiting a dentist Greenpoint if the pain does not go away with any of these methods.

About the author:
Nitesh is a health blogger with keen interest in oral care. His posts mainly focus on home remedies for keeping your teeth and gums healthy strong and free of disease. Benefit from his knowledge and maintain dental health with regular visit to a dentist Greenpoint in your area.


Tempted to Try 3D Wallpapers? Here’s How to Find the Right One

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As Indians, we always had a zing for painting walls. Be it the outer walls of our houses or the inside walls, we always paint them with our favorite colors. We spend so much on the interior and exterior designs and decorations just to keep the color quotient up to date.

Now in the wake of wallpapers in the interior design business, the endless possibilities have made people spoilt for choices. However, if you are new to this world and a homeowner who would like to experiment with the decor, here's how to choose the right one.
Wallpapers are available in a plethora of styles, including 3D. The vitality of 3D wallpapers is that it gives your home a natural depth. When compared to normal wallpapers, 3D wallpapers add patterns, texture, and designs that would instantly intrigue the onlookers. Like the regular wallpapers, 3D wallpapers have unlimited choices to look for. Buy 3d wallpapers from online retailers and get a free consultation, free installation and ideas to spruce up your place right from the experts.
Now, with the following tips, figure out how to buy the right wallpaper for your house-
Staring at a plain blank wall with no element of design can be boring. Colors can give only temporary relief to the eyes. A smart solution would be to put wallpaper for your wall. But what are you expecting your room to look like? Do you want to add depth? Warmth? Texture? Or do you want to soften or shine your walls some more? Once you have found out the answer, you can invest accordingly. If you are still skeptical, discuss your choices and preferences with a professional interior designer. 
Choosing 3d wallpaper for home wall and giving it a new look has become a lot easier with materials like grass cloth, sisal, cork, and Japanese silk, marble-like textured papers, wood, and stone. The options go far beyond traditional prints to choose from.
Confused with the choices? If your goal is to add warmth and coziness, richly textured wallpaper is the solution. Subtle and light color 3D wallpaper has won hearts of many due to its simplicity.
What to avoid
By now as you are well-acquainted with the things to choose from and how to choose the perfect wallpaper, here are a few things to avoid. Explore all the areas you want to cover up with wallpaper. Think and calculate whether it would look good on that wall. Here's a piece of simple advice: if your home has an entryway that does not get natural light, avoid using blue, black, grey color wallpapers there. Go for white and pastels so that light finds its way to reflect.
Professional guide
Although these tips are not enough for first timers to choose wallpapers for their new house, these can surely guide to take the first steps. Anyway, if you are confused, professional guidance is wise to stick to, that way you would figure out factors like color, pattern, measurement for your house, walls to focus and so on. 
Even if you are confident enough about your choices in selecting the right wallpaper, researching a little has never harmed anyone so far. Therefore, it's not a bad idea to consider the above-mentioned tips for your home. Otherwise, you can always go back to wall paints.

About the author:
Krysta Jackson a writer, who writes enriching posts. Apart from writing informative posts on latest technologies, she also writes largely on fashion, health,lifestyle , travel and other leading blogging platform & loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.


Types of Kitchen Cabinet Molding [Infographic]

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In the modern setting, the kitchen space is no longer than just place where we prepare food; it is now family gathering place where new ideas can be forged, and life, as it is, can be celebrated. That is why it’s imperative that you update the looks of your kitchen once in a while, starting from its most significant element which is kitchen cabinets.

Many homeowners try different ways to make their kitchen cabinets less tedious and more pleasing to the eyes, such refacing them or installing open shelving. Another way that many homeowners do to improve their kitchen cabinet’s appearance is by installing moldings. This simple yet effective addition can make any cabinets more elegant, not to mention that it easily improves the overall value of the kitchen space.

The key to using moldings in your kitchen cabinets effectively is knowing their different types and purposes. So, if you’re planning to install moldings into your kitchen cabinets this year, then make sure you review all the options you have first. 

To help you get started, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Kitchen Cabinet Refacing, which details the different types of molding for kitchen cabinets:

Crown Molding – a decorative trim attached to kitchen cabinet tops for a seamless transition from the ceiling to the cabinetry itself.

Starter/Riser Molding –used as a mounting frame for crown moldings with multiple layers for additional support.

Corner Molding – used to sharp cabinet edges or corner gaps.

Light Rail Molding – used for bottom frames of wall cabinets with under cabinet lighting.

Base Molding – used for kitchen islands and peninsulas.

Toe Kick Molding – used to lower kitchen cabinets and create an extra toe room for its user.
To learn more about these types of kitchen cabinet moldings, check out the full infographic below.

Types of Kitchen Cabinet Molding [Infographic]

How to Pick the Right Web Agency for Your Business Needs?

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There are tens and thousands of web design agency out there which is why finding the one that is best suited for your business needs is not an easy task. Because of this, marketers, as well as business owners who are just starting out get overwhelmed easily. They have no idea where to start and relying solely on Google search can lead to more frustration as most of these agencies appear the same at face value. When it comes to choosing the best web agency, having the right approach is extremely important. 

Hence, if you too are stuck with the process of selecting the best web agency for your business, the following guide will help make the decision ensuring the best output result:

1. Be sure of what you need

Before you start looking for a web design company, know your requirements. Do some brainstorming and get some idea about the kind of websites you need for your business. Ask yourself if you need a personal website, business website, e-commerce store, non-profit website or something else before you communicate your needs to the web agency.

It is also important to set your goals and aspiration that you want to achieve in the long run. Setting the goals will help determine the tone of the website and what you want to convey through it. If you are unable to convey your requirements properly or if the other side is unable to grasp it properly you need to simplify it and make sure that your message has been well received.

2. Decide on the budget

Deciding the budget is an important aspect of selecting a web design and development agency. While you may not want to settle for an outdated design in lieu of low cost, meeting all your web design requirement at an exceedingly high cost that is beyond your budget will not be acceptable either.

You must look for a reasonable solution that offers good quality at a competitive price such that the end-product is not affected even if you have a low budget. Also, it is best to choose a project based pricing if you are just starting out rather than opting for an hourly contract. Moreover, you can always opt to update your website later once your business and budget have grown over the years and you are able to invest more money and resources in it.

3. Know what will be included in the package

Once you are past the initial stages of finding a web agency, try to get an insight into the important aspects of web design and web development services. Some of the important things that you need to pay attention to should include:

The amount of time it will take before your website is able to operate, Be clear about your requirements and find out if the company you have hired recommends outsourcing SEO and content etc. If you don’t want extra effort and investment go for an agency that offers these services along with web design. Find out if they are offering both design and development at the same price or are you required to pay extra for it.

Try to get in direct contact with the team or person who will be responsible for the development of your website. Find out if your project will be outsourced to somebody else? Ask your agency if your website will be built on a responsive framework and can it be edited later? You don’t want to be stuck with a website that needs to be rebuilt from the scratch once your business has progressed.

Find out if they will offer some support during the initial period of time to help you get started on things such as setting up an email, add new pages, update content etc.

4. Learning from your competitors

Knowing your competitors and keeping a track of their activities will help you during the process of your website development. Your competitors are there in the market for quite some time. Hence, you can always benefit from their experience as well as trail and errors when designing your website.

Begin by doing an in-depth analysis of their website and find out the features that can be included in your website for improved functionality. For instance, try adding an advanced search feature or a blog section as it will definitely help you with your business. Make sure that the web design agency chosen by you has an impressive knowledge about these things and is flexible and willing to make changes according to your business needs and requirements.

5. Staying up to date with trends

The trend for every industry changes over the years which means that the practices which were popular some time ago are no longer in use. So unless and until you are willing to upgrade your website every once in while you should go for a web agency who has been in business for quite some time and is able to predict current future trends and develops your website keeping that in mind.

6. Check the portfolios

Portfolios can also give you an insight into the web agency’s performance. It will tell you about the design and development process used by them. Hence, before you hire a web agency, ask for their portfolios as well as speak to their previous clients if possible and find out for yourself if they can be trusted with your website development process.

About the author:
I'm currently working as Content Manager with reputed SEOExperts India. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Reputation Management, outsource link building services, outsource content, Quality Link Building, Tech Consultancy, etc.


Get Credibility Traffic and Link Juice with Guest Posting

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Link building, about a few years back, was considered as a users vote, higher the number of votes more authority you gain over the web. It was a source for increased visibility and popularity of the website. Linking and associated data were all about the information for a search engine to know what are the pages all about and how they are interrelated. But with the advancement and introduction of latest SEO (Search Engine Optimization) trends have made it all over a different philosophy.

The clear motive of a link in Guest Post Service is to support the content and not to redirect the user to some irrelevant products and services. Guest Post can be used as a most effective and profitable link building strategy, if and only if when it is carried out in the right way.

Tips to follow to get adequate credibility and link juice through Guest Post services:
  • The link in the guest post must not drive you to a product that is already known by the user. It can conveniently break the trust and interest of the user to drive them to naive links. Connect to a link that provides additional information to the content that a reader is reading. Something that adds to the interest as well as information.

  • To earn effective credibility try to connect to the original source of information and include all the necessary data, number, figures, in short everything that convey your message. In word citation and addition of reference as a link is highly useful. Linking can be effectively seen on the optimum source of information over the web that is Wikipedia.

  • The link should not divert a user from the topic. It should be related to the topic in some way. Relevancy is important. It can be linked to the base of the information or about the research of the particular product or a future scope but the connected link should be on topic.

  • Another way is to link to your previous work or blogs on the subject as the blogs on a particular website or blog cannot divert from the niche. You can also connect to your work on different websites but pertaining to the same industry.
Next time you add a link to your Guest Blog Posting Services try to cross-check its efficiency by examining them to the points mentioned above, add them only if you find it pass the test if it does not drop down the idea. Addition of an irrelevant link is only damage to your image and ultimately Search Console ranking of your website. It is not going to make any good to your services, products or business. Stick to the white hat tactics and say goodbye to misleading links. Make a proper analysis of links to drive the appropriate traffic to your website.
A guest post should not be looked upon a mere source of link building, it is essential to know its results and consequences. Do not apply any link that is not relevant to your information and does not solve the purpose.
Add Value to Your Website
  • It is a fool's game just to write for someone else's blog and get the backlink thinking it will drive traffic. You do not need just a number on your website but through guest posting your motive is to add and generate the traffic of the target audience that can drive benefits for you, people who are the user of your business.

  • There is a difference between the visitors and regular audience. The regular audience is beneficial than visitors, while visitors are about to convert into the regular audience so that content must be able to convert a visitor into a regular audience.

  • Building Authority is what matters in the online world. Look at the ways to build authority, you can do it by demonstrating your expertise, something that differentiates you from the rest of the competitors and at the same time is helpful for your audience.

  • Working as per the algorithm and providing the right services along with authority building will automatically drag down the potential customers. You don't have to make use of any false marketing tactics to attract the audience.

  • Make your website the greatest resource for the audience, stick to the algorithm and ethics. Maintain the transparency with the audience rather than hiding spam in top quality contents you accept through guest posting services.
You cannot gain any benefits without having worked on it with full efforts or without planning an effective strategy. Guest posting is a true source of generating traffic, increasing visibility, creating a brand image, building authority, credibility, getting backlinks or link building but only when implemented with the right knowledge and without misleads.

About the author:
I'm currently working as Content Manager with MyCafeBlog. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies to get free guest posting for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Brand Management, Tech Consultancy, etc.


Dangers During Winter Roofing [Infographic]

Winter Roofing | Professional Roofing Contractor | PintFeed

The winter season has finally started, and this calls for a proper safety assessment for your roof. Checking the current state of your roof can be both a benefit and risk for people who are tasked to do this.

It is true that the winter season can be one of the most awaited seasons in different areas, but also know that this is one of the risky seasons too for people who are renovating or fixing their houses. In this infographic, we will discuss the different dangers that one should consider when fixing their roof, here are a few:


Workers and homeowners that are busy setting their roofs are one of the easiest targets of frostbite. Since it is cold outside, and most workers are on top of the roof, the body will accumulate colder and will cause the body to blisters on their hands and face area as they stay outside.


This condition happens when the temperature of the body or part of the body can no longer maintain core temperature to keep your internal organs functional. It is essential that workers wear their protective equipment at all times when operation; safety gears like thick gloves and warm clothes that can keep their body temperature regular is necessary and should not be taken for granted when doing this project.

Slip and Fall

Countries who snow a lot during the winter season can be prone to slippery roads. This is also applied when workers fix the roof; fall accidents occur whenever the method of access or the ladder changes direction. That is why clearing the snow around the area that you will be working is one step on preventing you from slipping and falling during your project. Since this project does not only requires one person to start with, it is essential that the group of people around also lends a hand on every people that are assigned to climb a ladder or anything dangerous that could cause accidents.


Most people during the winter season forget to stay hydrated, it is the reasons for being not thirsty. But this mentality should be changed especially for workers that are fixing a roof. Any weather that has a severe effect of the body circulation of an individual should be counter taken care of drinking a right amount of water to make sure that you are on the right track of your health and production of your roofing project.

Keeping a closer look at the different dangers when doing a roofing project during the winter season lets homeowners take extra precaution when directly assessing their roofs for you to eliminate the existence if severe accidents during roofing projects, hire a professional roofing contractor that can help you with this project.

Fahey Roofing and Contracting helps homeowners fix their roofs anytime! If you are interested in learning more, you may check out the infographic below to know more about us.

Dangers During Winter Roofing [Infographic]

7 Tips on How to Survive Business Travel During the Holidays [Infographic]

Business Travelers | Traveling For Business | Infographic | PintFeed

Business traveling is one of the most sought-after perks by many employees these days. In fact, according to a recent Hilton Hotels & Resorts survey, 75% of today’s new road warriors (ages 23 to35) see business travel as a major work perk, and 65% consider it as a status symbol. And in contrast to the widely-believed notion that many employees avoid it, 56% actually create reasons to travel for business, and another 39% even state that they would not accept a job that did not allow them to travel for business.

However, this hype surrounding business travel seems to wear off drastically during the holiday season. Of course, not anyone would like to be cramped inside the plane or a taxi en route to a foreign destination to deal with corporate engagements of some sort while everyone is enjoying all the festivities, right? Aside from missing all the fun, the idea of lining up in jam-packed security in the airport or hailing a cab in a foreign city in the midst of inclement weather is not attractive either, especially if it’s your first time traveling for business.

Regardless, these headache-inducing situations can all be avoided or at least be mitigated with proper planning and execution. For instance, if you are traveling to the U.S. and you want to avoid long lines at airport security, then you should consider applying for Global Entry. It is a security clearance program initiated and operated by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency, which grants approved travelers to enter county after an international trip.

Another way to get through the airport faster during the holiday season is to upgrade first class. Unknown to many business travelers, many of the airline companies nowadays are aggressively offering discounted first-class upgrades at check-in. If you are only traveling short flights, an upgrade can cost for less than a hundred dollars, but this includes priority check-in and boarding privileges, which can significantly save you from a lot of hassles.

Once you arrived at the destination, the best,you can have to ensure a smooth ground travel experience is hiring a chauffeur car service. Many novices and even veteran road warriors think that hiring a chauffeur to fetch them from the airport to any point of destination is a very costly expense and painstaking process. However, with the advances in mobile application technology and increased demand for comfortable and safety ground transport, it is now a lot faster, easier, and cheaper even for first-time business travelers to book a chauffeured driven vehicles nowadays.

To give you more insights, here are the key takeaways of the infographic below from Hyryde, which discusses some helpful and actionable tips that business travelers can use to survive the much-dreaded trips during this holiday season:
  1. Plan ahead of time
  2. Pack your necessities smart
  3. Create a fair budget for your trip 
  4. Ensure a healthy and active travel
  5. Suit up for travel
  6. Discover tourist destinations 
  7. Embrace the holiday spirit
Read more about these tips and tricks by checking out the full infographic below.

 7 Tips on How to Survive Business Travel During the Holidays

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Web Development Company

Professional Web Development Company | Professional Web Developers | PintFeed

Are you planning to take your business online?  If yes; it is a wonderful choice to select a new platform to boost your brand. However, a website alone can make or break your business if done without a strategy. It is best to hire a professional web development service to launch your business with proper tools and strategy. Let us look at the five reasons to hire them for the launch of your virtual business.

1. Strategic Websites

A website acts as the face of a business which attracts the attention of the users with its design and products. Hiring a professional web development firm to build your website from scratch will give you the freedom to make the web space cater to your business goals. It is one of the best investments you can do to your business for the long-term. A professional web developer gives a clean and unique look to make it stand apart from other million websites existing on the internet.

A professional can understand the demands of your business and build a website to generate leads and online sales. If the website is an information portal or a blog, the web developer uses different layouts, graphics, and designs to make it appealing to the users. Professional web developers of a firm have unlimited access to various tools required to build a functional website and have the knowledge to integrate latest technologies into the website.

2. Personalized Web Properties

Users that access the website care about some properties like loading time, ease of navigation and visual build. A website with crowded content and too many ads is an off-putting quality on a website. A web development company takes all such aspects into consideration while designing the website. The layout of the content should be hierarchical to make the website look professional. The quality of coding done by professionals falls in accordance with web standards. Well coded web pages make the website look easy on the eyes of the user and give the best first impression which makes the visitors come back to your website.

It is difficult to make feature-rich website along with enhanced functionality without the help of a professional. Apart from building an aesthetically pleasing website, the website should be able to reflect the ethics and values of the business to gain the trust of the users. A web development firm makes sure to give positive vibes to the users as no one visits a website which appears to be sketchy. The professionally built website can add features like book an appointment, share on social media, join the newsletter etc for the user communication.

3. Content Management    

Just like the framework and design of a website, having clear and precise content is needed to engage the user after opening your website. The professional web developer builds content which shares the journey and story of your brand. Compelling words with a relevant topic is a sure way to keep the audience engaged. Digital marketing strategies revolve around powerful content which converts the users into customers. A professional can help in keeping the content consistent and builds the trust of the target audience. A professional web development company has experience in creating the right content that complements the marketing strategy and brand value too.

For a website to be successful there needs to be a balance between engaging content and layout or design specifications. The amount of white space around the content also creates an impact on the web engagement. So hire professional web developers to create engaging content with robust web design and SEO optimized keywords.

4. Web Analytics

Creating a good website is not the end of the business strategy. To develop the business and make it viable with profits, the owner should understand the web traffic and how to convert leads into potential customers. A professional web development company has resources like web analysts that can give you information about the performance of the website and give reports on the user preferences. By obtaining the data on user patterns and their taste, a business can change its strategies and tactics to attract customers. Leaving a comments section for websites like blogs, entertainment, and news portals will help the business understand its shortcomings.

Web analytics also give a detailed report on which products are more popular and how much time is spent on specific products. Understanding web analytics can help the firm to change its marketing strategy and improve the cash influx. The analytics data give a competitive edge over other businesses and think ahead of new marketing trends. A business can reach only its full potential by staying on track of all the trends and technologies.

5. Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

There is no point in making a great website if it is not recognized by search engines. Search Engine Optimization is crucial to increase the visibility of a website and professional web developers take great care to optimize the website. They have the capabilities to help the website rank higher in the search results with related keywords and titles. A web page should be optimized for the images embedded in it and to increase the loading time. Expert web developers code well and add features to the web design to help the search bots to crawl the content easily.

Without a proper SEO, the website will never surface on top search results and will likely go unnoticed by the users. It is very important to make responsive web pages that can load faster and be compatible with all devices. A website undergoes changes continuously, and it requires the help of a webmaster to update the site on new technologies and trends.

Hiring a professional web development company to build a functional and pleasing website not only brings in customers but also saves time and money. It is recommended to talk to the firm of your choice before handing over the web development services to discuss the experience and expertise they have. Make sure to communicate well during the development and see how their effort will give you an increase in ROI.

About the author:
I’m currently working as Content Manager with Adreno Technologies. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies for them. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have keen interest in Entrepreneurship, top software engineering outsourcing, java development outsourcing, Brand Management, Tech Consultancy, etc.


Learn How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with YouTube Videos

YouTube Videos Subscribers | Strategic Keyword Research | PintFeed

Youtube is one of the most popular social networks and is the second largest search engine after Google. It has more than one billion registered subscribers and it is found in the research those one billion hours of Youtube videos are watched every day. Apart from that Youtube channel can succeed with million of free Youtube subscribers. As such, if you make a product video and upload it on the Youtube channel you have a great chance that your website drives a huge traffic.
With so many free subscribers that you will get on Youtube, there is a huge chance that many of your target customers watch your product video. When the target customer will watch your Youtube product video they will become aware of your product and they may be encouraged to purchase it. Thus, it very essential that more and more viewer watch your product videos. That is why it is very important to drive more traffic to your website. The following are some essential strategies that will help you drive more traffic to your website with your product videos: 

Strategic keyword research

If you want to get huge traffic then the first thing that you have to keep in mind is the use of the keyword. It is very essential that you use the most relevant keyword in your Youtube product video so that your potential customer can easily find out your video out of thousands of related videos. That is the reason why it is very important to go for a strategic keyword research. If you cannot use relevant keyword then your potential customer will not be able to find out your Youtube video. These keywords have to use in the title and description of the YouTube post for the video. So, it is very essential that you use AdWords Display Planner to choose the keywords that are very relevant to your industry. 

Using perfect attention-grabbing thumbnail Image

Another important strategy for driving traffic to your Youtube video is to use a thumbnail image that has the capacity of grabbing the attention of your target customer. When you upload a new product video make sure that you also upload a custom thumbnail along with your video. You may have thousands of free subscribers on your Youtube channel but the traffic of your video will largely depend on the thumbnail that you use while uploading your video. While using the thumbnail make sure that you have 1280 x 720 resolutions and upload images in BMP, PNG, JPG or GIF format.   Apart from that, it is very essential that you do not use image size that is more than 2 MB. This is because in such case it will take a huge time to stream your product video and viewers will feel reluctant to watch your Product video. The YouTube selects 3 three images from the video for the thumbnail that are at three time positions of the video: ¼, ¾, and ½ minutes or seconds of the total minutes or seconds of the video.  

Optimizing the channel page

Another most important thing is that you have to enhance the traffic of your videos is to optimize your channel page. This will help you to drive more and more audiences to the web links as well as the landing page of the website. It is also recommended to explain the objective of your company, your brand as well as your USP (Unique Sell Positioning) in your product video. Apart from that, you can add links of your website. Moreover, it is also recommended to leverage the channel banner in order to add the useful links to your website. You can also use your company logo in your product video which will certainly help you to aware the visitor about your brand. 

Increase your viewership

You should also try to increase your viewership for your Youtube product video. For achieving this, all you have to do is that you have to insert the links of your Youtube videos wherever you can. For example, you can insert the link in your email signature, in articles, newsletter or blogs that you publish for promoting your brand. Apart from that, you should also have a social media presence which will help you to enhance your viewership by bringing all the quality traffic of your website.
Thus, if you want to enhance the traffic of your website it is very essential that you follow the above-mentioned strategies which will encourage all your free Youtube subscribers as well other potential viewers to watch your product video. This is how Youtube can provide a great role in driving more and more traffic to your website.

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