Learn How to Drive More Traffic to Your Website with YouTube Videos

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Youtube is one of the most popular social networks and is the second largest search engine after Google. It has more than one billion registered subscribers and it is found in the research those one billion hours of Youtube videos are watched every day. Apart from that Youtube channel can succeed with million of free Youtube subscribers. As such, if you make a product video and upload it on the Youtube channel you have a great chance that your website drives a huge traffic.
With so many free subscribers that you will get on Youtube, there is a huge chance that many of your target customers watch your product video. When the target customer will watch your Youtube product video they will become aware of your product and they may be encouraged to purchase it. Thus, it very essential that more and more viewer watch your product videos. That is why it is very important to drive more traffic to your website. The following are some essential strategies that will help you drive more traffic to your website with your product videos: 

Strategic keyword research

If you want to get huge traffic then the first thing that you have to keep in mind is the use of the keyword. It is very essential that you use the most relevant keyword in your Youtube product video so that your potential customer can easily find out your video out of thousands of related videos. That is the reason why it is very important to go for a strategic keyword research. If you cannot use relevant keyword then your potential customer will not be able to find out your Youtube video. These keywords have to use in the title and description of the YouTube post for the video. So, it is very essential that you use AdWords Display Planner to choose the keywords that are very relevant to your industry. 

Using perfect attention-grabbing thumbnail Image

Another important strategy for driving traffic to your Youtube video is to use a thumbnail image that has the capacity of grabbing the attention of your target customer. When you upload a new product video make sure that you also upload a custom thumbnail along with your video. You may have thousands of free subscribers on your Youtube channel but the traffic of your video will largely depend on the thumbnail that you use while uploading your video. While using the thumbnail make sure that you have 1280 x 720 resolutions and upload images in BMP, PNG, JPG or GIF format.   Apart from that, it is very essential that you do not use image size that is more than 2 MB. This is because in such case it will take a huge time to stream your product video and viewers will feel reluctant to watch your Product video. The YouTube selects 3 three images from the video for the thumbnail that are at three time positions of the video: ¼, ¾, and ½ minutes or seconds of the total minutes or seconds of the video.  

Optimizing the channel page

Another most important thing is that you have to enhance the traffic of your videos is to optimize your channel page. This will help you to drive more and more audiences to the web links as well as the landing page of the website. It is also recommended to explain the objective of your company, your brand as well as your USP (Unique Sell Positioning) in your product video. Apart from that, you can add links of your website. Moreover, it is also recommended to leverage the channel banner in order to add the useful links to your website. You can also use your company logo in your product video which will certainly help you to aware the visitor about your brand. 

Increase your viewership

You should also try to increase your viewership for your Youtube product video. For achieving this, all you have to do is that you have to insert the links of your Youtube videos wherever you can. For example, you can insert the link in your email signature, in articles, newsletter or blogs that you publish for promoting your brand. Apart from that, you should also have a social media presence which will help you to enhance your viewership by bringing all the quality traffic of your website.
Thus, if you want to enhance the traffic of your website it is very essential that you follow the above-mentioned strategies which will encourage all your free Youtube subscribers as well other potential viewers to watch your product video. This is how Youtube can provide a great role in driving more and more traffic to your website.

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I'm currently working as Content Manager with MyCafeBlog. I have a great passion for digital marketing and I help small and medium-sized businesses improve their online presence and grow their revenue by formulating effective digital marketing strategies where you can buy YouTube subscribers. Apart from Digital Marketing, I have a keen interest in Entrepreneurship, Online Brand Management, Tech Consultancy, etc.


Why it’s Important to Check Plagiarism of a Content before It’s Submission

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“Plagiarism checking tool is what you required while writing & editing new content for your Business. It simply makes all the process less vulnerable”. Alien Fred
While posting   new content on your site, Plagiarized content can really affect the productivity of your work in long run. There are various online Plagiarism checking tools available out there which are helpful in finding out the actual level of uniquenesspossessed by a specific length of content. Plagiarism tools are very helpful for the e-learningplatform owners to rectify the actual level of content they post. You may all know that the content is an important aspect of SEO in order to gain the expected level of online products and services presence. If the blog posts are based on plagiarized content, then the viewers will surely not like the post, and eventually there will be a huge decline in expected growth levels.  For You I have listed down the important aspects of a plagiarism checking tool to accomplish the sustainability in your content writing work.

Comprehensive Search through Database

When you write a content on a specific topic, you need to make sure that it is unique and plagiarizedfree. A plagiarism checking tool is really helpful to evaluate the actual level of plagiarism attached to a specific portion of content.  A plagiarism tool allows you to have an accessto all the complete databases on internet to check it out either the content have any similarity or not. A plagiarism checker Identify the plagiarized content through various available databases.

Educational Aid for the Researches

An online plagiarism checking tool is the perfect aid for the university students and researchers to check out the quality of their content before submitting it to their respective department heads. On the contrary, plagiarism checking tools are also helpful for the teachers to evaluate the plagiarism of any assignment or project that is submitted to them by the students. These tools are critical to evaluate the performance of a specific individual student. It’s an interesting fact thatthe final projects and assignments plays a critical part in evaluation of the CGPA.

Establish Quality in Content

Businesses as well as marketing firms now heavily rely on content marketing. The focus of that kind of marketing strategy is to convey business message to the entire world in a better way. Quality in content will surely maximized the profitability through content marketing.  Plagiarism tools are the essential part of any marketing strategy to deliver the perfection in ending results.

Reduce Vulnerability Levels In Future

A comprehensive strategy to cope with the plagiarized content is the key factor to reduce any level of vulnerability in longer run. As a business manager it’s your responsibility to implement certain tools in your marketing department to accomplish perfection in results. The more you will be consistent in your approach the better you will be able to gain expected results.

Ending Note

Content creation is an essential part of any individual researcher, teacher or marketing professional. It really requires perfection in uniqueness, and that could be only achieved through employing certain plagiarism checking tools. It’s a mandatory duty to perform and achieve the credibility of millions of individual online customers. The process of identifying the plagiarism should be the core objective of any individual professional to gain the desired expected level of quality.  The new content will only deliver the expected results if it will be tested out on the basis of its plagiarism. Users will also like the credibility of your work in long run if you continuouslyevaluate the plagiarism of the each content you post.


Benefits Of Buying A Holiday Package Rather Than Planning It At Your Own

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Best time of the year when we have ample time to go on holidays with our friends and family during holidays. We get to spend some time with our loved ones without any worries and tensions. Going to some far-off location is the best way to rekindle and nurture the relationship with our loved ones. To make your holidays more relaxing and away from any kind of stress and tension, there are a number of tour and travel companies providing best of Azerbaijan Holiday packages.

People often discourage those who plan their trip through travel companies but don’t get discouraged until you yourself has tried the same. You can save a lot through these Azerbaijan Holiday packages as these tours and travel companies often have tie-ups with almost all well known and good Baku hotels 5 star. Using services of these companies can help you to get the same room in half of the actual price of the room.  

Here are some advantages of buying an Azerbaijan Holiday package rather than planning everything at your own:

Sit back and relax:

The most important benefit of planning a vacation through these travel companies is that you have nothing to do except sitting back and relaxing. You need not take stress of booking a Baku hotel 5 star, or hiring a cab for your travel around the city or for planning a trip to local market. Everything will be taken care off by these people. They will hand over you the itenry of your trip and your routine will follow in the same flow. Be assured that these tours and travelers will actually help you to enjoy your holidays to the core.

Your safety is their responsibility:

These people are well aware about the place. They know about all the secure and safe routes. They will make sure to make your travel safe and secure in the best possible way. Moreover when you are in a big group, less likely are the chances to get lot in you way.


Traveling in a group is always economical and you get to enjoy the luxury of Baku hotel 5 star at comparatively cheaper rates. Such trips not even cost you half of the price that you may have to pay while planning a trip yourself. Being cheaper does not mean that you get to enjoy any less, but larger groups encourage more negotiation and better deals. Not only accommodation becomes cheaper, but the cost of traveling and fooding everything is shared by the group.


When you plan your trip yourself you need to look after everything from booking air tickets to planning for an accommodation. But thanks to these Azerbaijan holiday packages, you need not worry about hotel booking either. They will do everything for you, you just need to pay for the package and rest be assured you are going to have a gala time during your vacations.

So we hope now you don’t have any apprehensions regarding planning your vacation by buying one of these holiday packages.


How to Prevent Cancer Naturally? 6 Tips to Consider

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Wondering How to Prevent Cancer Naturally? Cancer is not the disease which can be developed overnight. It takes ample time for the cancerous cells, to develop into cancer. Also, the cause of cancer is not supported by a simple factor. There are a number of factors which causes cancer. So, in this article, we will discuss the different practices which you should avoid in order to prevent cancer naturally according to the expert cancer specialist doctor in Jaipur

1. Don't use tobacco

Tobacco is the leading cause behind many of the cancer types. According to the statistics, the death tally due to Tobacco is higher than that of both the World Wars. So, tobacco is a serious matter of concern when it comes to cancer. There are two ways in which the Tobacco is consumed, i.e. either chew it (like Gutka) or Smoke it (like cigarettes). Smoking has been associated with different types of cancer like lung cancer, mouth cancer, throat cancer, larynx cancer, pancreatic cancer, bladder cancer, cervix cancer, and kidney cancer. Therefore, take the first step on how to prevent cancer naturally by saying no to tobacco.

Another issue which is related to Tobacco is second-hand smoking. People who don't smoke but are in continues exposure to smoke are also at the risk of cancer.

2. Maintain a healthy weight

By maintaining a proper body, a person can prevent a number of cancer types like breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon cancer, and kidney cancer. So, to maintain or to achieve a proper body weight, the person is advised to perform regular physical exercises. Apart for maintaining the body weight, physical exercises handy in preventing Breast Cancer and Colon Cancer.

According to professionals, an adult should try to exercise at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity in a week or else go for vigorous aerobic physical activities of 75 minutes in a week. For the best results, it is suggested that a person should mix the moderate and vigorous exercises and perform it daily for 30 minutes.

3. Get regular medical care

The regular medical check-up will help a person in knowing the health status of his body. Also, it is handy in diagnosing the different types of cancer at the early stage (cancer in its first stage has the highest cure rate). So, go for regular medical check-ups to prevent cancer naturally.

4. Eat a healthy diet

Eating food which is rich in carbohydrates, proteins, healthy fats, vitamins will make the diet balanced and healthy. Having a healthy and balanced diet will indirectly support the prevention of cancer. The ingredients which should be added in one's diet are as follows:

- Eat plenty of fruits and vegetables: Complete your food with fruits and vegetables for the best results.

- Avoid obesity: Eat lighter and leaner food items to avoid obesity.

- Limit processed meats: Limit processed meats or try to avoid it entirely as according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer, processed meats are the risk factors for many different types of cancer.

- Limit the Alcohol consumption: If you are regular to alcohol then try to limit it as alcohol is associated with different types of cancer risks like breast cancer, colon cancer, lung cancer, kidney cancer, and liver cancer.

- Eat a Mediterranean diet: Women should include extra-virgin olive oil and mixed nuts to reduce the risk of breast cancer. Consume healthy fats like olive oil, fish, and over butter instead of red meat.

5. Protect yourself from the sun

The UV Radiation is the leading cause of skin cancer, and by protecting yourself from direct exposure to the sun, you can prevent skin cancer naturally. Follow the below tips to do so:

- Avoid midday sun: The rays of the sun are most active between 10 am to 4 am. So, avoid going direct exposure to the sun during this time.

- Stay in the shade: When moving out under the sun, it is suggested to wear full sleeve clothes, hats, and sunglasses to protect the skin.

- Don't skimp on sunscreen: Apply sunscreen before going out.
Avoid tanning beds and sunlamps.

6. Avoid risky behaviors

It is suggested to avoid risky behaviors to prevent infections as these infections can cause cancer with the passage of time.

- Practice safe sex: The more the number of sexual partners, the higher the risk of sexually transmitted infections like HIV or HPV. So, limit the number of sex partners and use precautions during sexual intercourse.

Don't share needles: The sharing of the needle with the infected the drug user can lead a person to HIV, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C.

So, by implementing all these precautions methods, a person can prevent cancer naturally. To have a better knowledge of this, do consult with the cancer specialist.


On-Page SEO Checklist for 2018-2019

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Search Engine Optimization is one of the most parts of a website’s reputation over the internet. There are two processes of SEO - On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

Both of these types are equally important to rank a website on top of SERP. However, here we are going to discuss the On-Page SEO Checklist for 2018-19 only. The efficient effort on On-Page SEO is the first thing you should do for indexing of your website on the targetted keywords.

On-Page SEO is the technique to optimize a specific webpage so that it creates a relevancy according to the search query and search intent of the user. So instead of delaying it further, let's discuss the  on-page SEO techniques which you all must follow to index your web pages on correct keywords

On- Page SEO Checklist 2018-19 - Factors Which You Must Not Miss

Keyword Research

After knowing the niche's audience, the first thing we do in On-Page SEO is Keyword Research. The SEO practices are changing constantly, but one thing which remained intact is Keyword Research. First, understand that which are your primary keywords and according reach the specific targeted audience. According to the recent study, ranking on long tail keywords can take you to your specific audience as compared to the short tail keywords. The tools which can assist you in Keyword Research are Google Adwords Keyword  Planner Tool, KW Finder, SEMRush, Ahrefs, Longtail Pro.Keyword research is the first task you should perform while considering on page SEO optimization checklist.

Include Your Keyword In Your URL

The practice of including the primary keyword in the URL will make the Google understand that what the page or post is all about. According to SEO experts, it is been observed that keyword in the URL is the most important part of SEO factors checklist.

Use Short and SEO Friendly URLs

Short URLs are easily visible and are quite easy to rank on Google. So, always try to keep the URLs as short as possible as the Long URLs disturbs the structure of the URL. In the recently conducted survey of 1 million Google search results, the pages or post with short URLs are likely to rank better in Google.

Use Your Keyword Once In The First 150 Words

In the present scenario, content is the king. Google pays special attention to the first 150 words of your content. So, use and highlight the targeted keyword in the first 150 words of the content. Make sure that you don't make the overuse of the keywords.

Start your Title with the Keyword

Making the use of the targeted keyword in the front end of the title tag can provide you with the rank in the SERP. This is quite an old technique used the SEO Professional to rank in Google. The recommended length of the title tag is approximately 60 characters.

Use Synonyms and LSI Keywords

It is a myth that only the placement of keywords for the multiple numbers of times will help you in getting the rank. No doubt it is important to place the keywords in the right position but the overuse of keywords is strictly prohibited. There is a technique in SEO known as Keyword Stuffing in which a large number of keywords are inserted into the content and meta description to get a rank. This is a false practice and now Google is not accepting any such kind of content. Therefore, instead of going with Keyword Stuffing, use the synonyms of the keywords in the appropriate way or use the LSI Family of the main keyword. You can use the LSIGraph.com to fetch the keyword family of the targeted keyword.

Embed Title Tag Modifiers

Modifiers are the words which add to the sense of the head noun. By embedding or by making the use of modifiers along with the title tag can help you in getting the rank in SERP. The practice of using modifiers in the title tag helps in ranking on a number of long tail queries and also improves the Click Through Rate (CTR).

Use Your Keyword in H1, H2 or H3 Tags

The use of a keyword in H1, H2 or H3 tags doesn't make much effect on the SEO but it helps in improving the rank in Google. Also, it is handy in defining the structure of content. Try to wrap the targeted keyword and its family in the H1, H2, and H3 Tags.

 On-Page Optimization | SEO Checklist 2019| PintFeed

Use Internal Links

A page on the website without any internal links is known as Orphan Page, which is bad for SEO. Always try to link 2-5 previously published articles with the newly published one.

Use Authority External Links

The use of external links make the content trustworthy and improves its relevancy score. Link externally with the 2-5 authoritative website for the better ranking in Google.

Meta Description

Meta Description is one of the most important checkpoints of On page SEO checklist. Target and use the main keyword in the meta description with doing the keyword stuffing. The recommended length is 150-160 characters for Meta Description.

Optimize the Images

Google's Image Search Engine doesn't recognize or understand the image. It only understands it with the help of ALT text. So, use the keywords in the ALT Text, Title, and caption of the image. Images with light weight are the most suggested ones for SEO.

Detailed Content

As we have already mentioned that Content is the King. So, make a detailed content around the targeted keyword. Place the keywords properly along with the LSI Keywords.  Add proper internal and external links to the content to improve its relevancy. The recommended length is 1800-2000 for a good blog post.

Improve the User Experience

Improve the user experience of your website and content to retain the user for a longer period of time and to get the repeat users. To improve the user experience, make the website easy to navigate, make the user-friendly, make it responsive, and most importantly improve its speed.

Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing Buttons are one of the handiest things for a blog post, especially for the informational ones. It will improve the share count of the blog post.

There are the various checkpoints of On-Page SEO Checklist 2018-2019. Implement these checkpoints and improve the On-Page health of your website. If you have any query or opinion, do ask it through the comments. Thanks for reading.


Tips to Select the Best Havana Transfers Service

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On numerous events, you more likely than not discovered it extremely precarious to score and additionally profit a taxi as indicated by your requirements and also comfort in Havana. It no not as much as a test while you go from one city/nation to another and look through the most advantageous taxi benefit, after a tedious travelling. While you are venturing out to an obscure place, it is considerably more confounded to look one which you have finish trust on.
Today, with the expansion of the number of flights, there is likewise an enormous increment of taxi companies. Because of this growing, numerous Havana Transfers companies are putting forth substandard nature of administrations to their clients. A couple of organizations, nonetheless, are putting forth up to the check administrations, yet it isn't ensured that you will dependably look through a decent one.
Although you have numerous alternatives with a specific end goal to contract a helpful Havana transfer services, for example, visiting on the websites, business repository or nearby professional listing or you may ask your companions, relatives or other familiar individuals. Yet, there are some other noteworthy things that you ought to likewise consider.
Analyse Taxi Prices
Think about taxi costs before choosing one. In case you're at a taxi stand, you may be meticulous about the cabbie you need. Stop by a couple of taxicabs and additionally ask the passage to wherever you're going. By some chance that they all give you about a similar cost, simply select the one with the most minimal cost.
You know the assessed separations you're going and additionally you're at an area (like an aero plane terminal) that manages costs with the goal that all cabs need to charge a similar rate, you won't require looking at taxi costs, since they should all be indistinguishable.
Believability of the business
Prior to booking a taxi, you should make sure that the specialist organization is imminent and also appreciates notoriety with dependability in the market. Have you at any point known about the business previously? Has the business name been used in the market for long at this point? Or on the other hand is it a novice that jumped a day or two ago? If the organization is later, perform yourself some help by overlooking it and additionally reserving a taxi from a reliable organization. Put your security first.
Nature of administrations
How can we characterize quality in taxi business? The specialist company must be skilled to send you an auto in time; the drivers must be affable and proficient. They should also take after all movement and security standards and controls. The vehicle must be introduced with a tracker application for a less demanding area on the off chance that it acquires lost. It is in every case great to post your encounters about a taxi benefit via web-based networking media for the upsides of different travellers. Just contract drivers with outstanding records.
We are likewise outstanding amongst other taxi specialist co-ops in Havana offering amazing Havana transfer service benefit at moderate cost.


Why You Should opt for Ladies Boutique Than Normal Stores to Purchase Clothing?

Ladies Boutique | Purchase Clothing | PintFeed

According to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a boutique is ‘a small shop selling fashionable clothes or accessories. It is a dress shop, which focuses on a sector, for example, women or men clothing and sometimes both. But, the main aim is to meet the fashionable requirements of the age.

The dressing aspect of modern women has grown by leaps and bounds. The trend encompasses a wide range of varieties from tops, skirts, leggings to traditional wear sarees. However, in each type of clothing, we women want to distinguish ourselves from the rest.

In other words, we prefer a ‘Just for you’ clothing style. Women Boutiques serves to meet this objective. Difference between women boutique and normal stores As stated earlier, a lady’s boutique shop is a dress store with an additional element of sophistication. To understand the difference, here are some points:


Ladies boutique is meant for its limited size and inventory. This helps in two ways.

First, the women’s clothes sell-out at a faster pace because they don’t pile up the same design in hundreds of sizes like general brands and stores do. Women who prefer to wear unique clothes that don’t match with anyone else on the road will prefer to come to these boutiques for their versatility, newness and their uniqueness

Second, as the boutique is relatively small, most of the boutiques do not have many floors. This reduces the crowd and provides a calm and peaceful atmosphere to check out the clothes. Yet they have the wide range of trendy clothes.

Latest Designs

These Boutiques sell both local and international brands, while the normal store focuses on the local wear.  Top dress models from top designers are made available and they can be stitched or adjusted for a women’s measurement.

Passionate about designs

Ladies boutique are a result of one’s passion for a new model of dresses. Owners of these boutiques don’t just copy paste the designs of other designers they love creating and experimenting with new designs. Their designs are a result of the passion and love for styling and that makes what make their clothes unique and trendy.

Pros of Ladies Boutique | Women Boutiques | PintFeed

Pros of Ladies Boutique

Boutiques are preferred for several reasons.
  • Fashion Sense:
Nowadays, fashion has taken a new meaning in the world of design. Instead of dressing just for being presentable, women, particularly, the younger generation, dress to stand out from the crowd. Hence, they closely follow the fashion community. Therefore, boutiques are the choice to help meet our desired design and brand.
  • One-of-a-kind Dresses:
One can interact with the designers in person to get an appealable dress matching their personality and style. In most ladies’ boutiques, the designers are well trained to patiently discuss the requirements of their customers. This is particularly helpful for in case of special occasions, like marriage celebrations. Just as how special marriage is in one’s life, so is the dress worn on that auspicious day. You can stick tailor-made to meet the taste of the groom.
  • Cost:
A dress by any well-known designer or brand may not be affordable for most women. But, the same dress of the can be stitched at a cheaper rate in the boutiques.

An Ideal Dress

The above-discussed factors demonstrate why lady’s boutique shops are on the rise in the textile industry. The minds of the women have become sophisticated, and these boutiques offer to meet such feminism. Visit a boutique to own a dress for the woman in you.

About the author:
This blog is written by Jack Louis who is a well-known and qualified blogger. I adore to write blog on many topics like Automotive, Business, Fashion, Health, Home Improvement, Life Style, Shopping and more.


Mistakes To Avoid While Renting Out Commercial Space

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Shifting to a new office premises sounds exciting, but numerous pitfalls have to be considered. Most business has found the process to be resource intensive and expensive to rectify. Before opting for pre-leased property to banks in Gurgaon follow the below tips.

Office size

If you are not sure about the size of an office space, then do not rent one on the basis of facilities alone. Once you find that the office space is small you may have to move out in the immediate future.  If the office space is large, then the chances are that you might be paying for unused space. A golden rule to follow is to calculate 7 square metres for each employee. If the business is call center you may need less space. Do not take extra space until you have plans for expansion or if you have availed the space at a discounted rate.

If the business is small try to find your feet before you plan for any expansion. Serviced offices prove to be costly but opt for shorter leasing agreements as you can move out as per your wish.

Cost aspect

Do rent or pre-rented commercial property for sale in Gurgaon that you can afford. Business could fluctuate very often so do not use your current location as an indicator of the future. Factors like VAT are all beyond your control, so only opt for office spaces that you can afford. It is better to choose a large office down the lane, rather than opting for a pre-existing lease where you cannot afford to pay the rent. Do not fall into the trap of glamour offices. Plenty of opportunities to negotiate on the price will occur.


The moment you are shifting to a new office you need to be aware of the location. Ask yourself whether it is the best location for your business, for future growth or for the employees. If you rent an office with proper transport facilities, a crime prone neighbourhood you will find employees working there. The choice of a proper location is a balancing act. Weigh up the costs with what the employees need and what are their expectations. If the office is beyond the main city, you might find it difficult to get staff or existing staff may leave the job. Cities are an impulsive force in terms of talent.

On the negative city, people like to live in a city and the qualified work force is found there.

Limited Park

If you have your office in a high probable zone, the chances are some of your employees will be traveling by car. Parking is a grave issue if you live away from the main city or there are limited transport links to your office. Ask your employees on how they come to work and if possible include parking costs as part of the lease. In case if you intend to multiply your work force, then be aware of the parking issue.

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Krysta Jackson a writer, who writes enriching posts.Apart from writing informative posts on latest technologies, she also writes largely on fashion, health,lifestyle , travel and other leading blogging platform & loves to share her knowledge with others through blogging.


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